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Childminders Club: How are the holidays going?

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Xena · 28/07/2005 13:49

How are you all getting on? So far its been OK but the weather is making it more expensive as we can't do as many of the outdoor activities As I'd planned. They do thankfully all seem to be getting on well, and this is the best behaved DS has been.
Climbing Frame going up at the weekend.
A little girl with D/S is coming next 2 weeks, so for the days she is coming I have planned more home activities.

OP posts:
katymac · 28/07/2005 13:55

It's a nightmare all our activities have been scaled down as I have so few children...(cos those 2 families cancelled)

Xena · 28/07/2005 14:10

I didn't realise both had cancelled, 2 cancelled on me too but thankfully they were not the ones that pay the most. I'm trying to stick to a budget so that I don't spend on them all the extra I earn for these 12hr days!

OP posts:
alison222 · 28/07/2005 14:11

I only work term time - its the way it panned out, but it suits me right now as I only have my own two to worry about.
The sun has just come out so we are going out to feed the ducks and run off lots of energy.
also the bad weather has given me an opportunity to be at home and potty train (well start) with DD

katymac · 28/07/2005 14:15

Yep I lost over 4 grand as they were two families of three children (all claimed for on Tax Credits) They made sure they were getting the money from TC then they cancelled.

Unfortunatey - I shopped them - so unless they withdraw their claim and pay back the money, there will be trouble

Xena · 28/07/2005 14:17

Good it serves them right.
Will you still go away at christmas?

OP posts:
Xena · 28/07/2005 14:17

Forgot to ask how is your DD getting on?

OP posts:
katymac · 28/07/2005 14:21

Don't know about Christmas yet (we might have to do some saving) - but we were going to book egypt..I thought I might wait and see

DD is doing remarkably well.....very helpful & supportive so getting lots of pasta for her jar

She is writing in all the mindees diary and so being a great help (and no she is not reading this over my shoulder)

bigdonna · 28/07/2005 16:23

glad to hear your dd is happier and obviously responding to positive praise.Maybe spending the summer with you will help.

katymac · 28/07/2005 20:17

Thanks Bigdonna, for a child with no motivation - she did very well swimming 28 length today (400m). I am starting to think school is the problem not DD

bigdonna · 28/07/2005 21:16

wow thats fantastic for a 7 yr old what yr is she in at school my ds is 8 next week and going into yr 4.My ds learnt to swim only last sept and got his 25 metres,but that is so fantastic,was she really pleased with herself?.

katymac · 28/07/2005 21:19

SO chuffed - so I have put 28 pieces of pasta in her jar

Hopefully we're going to Legoland - well we are going and if she has enough pasta in the jar we will say it is because of all the pasta

She is going into Yr3 but has spant the last yr doing YR3 & YR4 work

bigdonna · 28/07/2005 21:27

she must be bright as well as a fantastic swimmer.

bigdonna · 28/07/2005 21:28

do you think she is unhappy at school because she is bright?

katymac · 28/07/2005 21:33

Sorry Xena for the hijack

Bigdonna I'll try and link the other threads....

katymac · 28/07/2005 21:38





But only read the first post (I do go on a bit)

bigdonna · 29/07/2005 14:55

sorry xena katymac your dd does sound very bright,maybe she has been alienated by her friends for doing yr3 and 4 work.At my dd and ds school their are no mixed classes,they do take the brighter ones out of class for some subjects.they cant really expect her to be as mature as yr3 and4 children.My ds is pretty bright and he seems very imature compared to his friends as he is youngest in his class.Are there any other schools near where you live.It does sound like her problems are at school.

katymac · 29/07/2005 22:05

She has been so happy this week. No tantrums (a bit bolshi - but she's 7 what do you expect), enjoying herslf etc

I am really thinking about another school - but there isn't another one that we can easily get too that will go to the right senior school

bigdonna · 29/07/2005 22:29

thats a pity!.

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