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LIVID! Childminder.... too TIRED to watch dd today!?

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Toothache · 07/07/2005 07:49

CM just phoned DH (I'm at work at the moment). Apparently her ds has the cold and she's had a rough night..... so she says she's too tired to watch dd!!!! WTF??? What are we meant to do now???? This is the 3rd time in 4 months that she has left us COMPLETELY high and dry and hasn't phoned us until 30 minutes before DH was due to drop off dd.
Do you think it's time to call it a day with her???? I've been uneasy for a while as DH says she's still in her bed sometimes when he arrives?!?!

What should I do/say?

If she had phoned yesterday DH would have been bale to give his work proper notice..... but he's due to start his shift in 2 hrs!!!!

OP posts:

Fran1 · 07/07/2005 07:50

Blimey don't like the sound of her still being in bed when he arrives!

Could be worth having a look around and see what other options you have.


JELLYJELLY · 07/07/2005 07:52

i think this is so unprofessional and not all childminders are like this. I would give notice you do not need this. What does she do when she is in bed just get up and come down in her nightie?


Toothache · 07/07/2005 07:59

DH says her DH answers the door..... then CM comes downstairs in her PJ's!

OP posts:

WideWebWitch · 07/07/2005 08:03

Yes, call it a day and look for someone else, this is terrible imo.


Toothache · 07/07/2005 08:10

Aw I'm getting angrier by the minute!!! I'm waiting for a local Nursery to phone back to see if they have spaces. Do I still need to give her a months notice??? Is this a breech of contract?

She is only paid up to and including Monday 11th July.

OP posts:

ssd · 07/07/2005 08:21

Toothache, this is terrible. I'd definately change my childcare, you can't rely on this woman at all. I'm a c/minder and I'd never do that to anyone. Have a look on the childcare link for your area and check out all of the nurseries and get your dd into someone/somewhere you can rely on.

Hearing that another c/minder takes the piss like this really annoys me. She gives us all a bad name and she's totally upsetting your life, don't know how she can live with herself. I've minded on 2 hours sleep,you just answer the door DRESSED! with a smile on your face and a hello for the kids. Like any other job really.

I don't know tha ins and outs of your contract, but you could phone the SCMA for advice also the care commission (your in Scotland right??). You should try the SCMA first, they are based in Stirling. I'll get their number.

SCMA Head Office:
Suite 3, 7 Melville Terrace, Stirling, FK8 2ND
Phone: 01786 445377 *
Fax: 01786 449062
Advice Line: 01786 449063

Hope this helps you, don't put up with her!!


Toothache · 07/07/2005 08:24

SSD - Thank you so much! Don't worry...... I know she's an exception!

OP posts:

batters · 07/07/2005 08:36

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Toothache · 07/07/2005 08:41

Batters - He's at home just now... he'll start work at 1pm now instead of 10am.... but he'll have to work until 10pm now.
I'll take the afternoon off of my work.... UNPAID as they don't pay for absence due to a dependant.


OP posts:

HellyBelly · 07/07/2005 08:42

I agree too. It annoys me to see other childminders give the rest of us a bad name!!

How unprofessional answering the door when she's not dressed, I'm shocked!

Get rid and find someone else, I'm sure she's a one off!

Good luck


teeavee · 07/07/2005 09:18

Try ringing these if you want to make an official complaint - they may be able to guide you further.
I think you should get rid of her too - she doesn't deserve to mind your child. That kind of unprofessionalism would really p**s me off.

Social Work Services Inspectorate
Scottish Executive
Room 37A
James Craig Walk

Tel: 0131 244 3508


PeachyClair · 07/07/2005 09:18

Comparing your experience to the FAB childminder I had utnil I moved (boo hoo we miss her!), I would look around. Childminding is a job and should be treated as such, not just like a teenagers way of making pocket money.


HellyBelly · 07/07/2005 09:28

Well said Peachyclair, wouldn't work behind a till in a shop in your pj's would you!!


Twiglett · 07/07/2005 09:29

if you're uneasy with her then of course find another childminder

exhaustion after being up all day could mean that she is incapable of watching your child properly which could put her in danger so as a childminder she is actually doing the sensible thing


ScummyMummy · 07/07/2005 09:58

She sounds pretty unreliable, I must say. Maybe time to start looking for someone else.


Toothache · 07/07/2005 11:16

Twiglet - Fair enough, but this isn't the 1st time and she does sometimes get her DH to do the handover in the morning coz she's still in bed! And her DH is NOT an approved childcarer.

OP posts:

bigdonna · 07/07/2005 13:08

toothache i am a cm,but because i only look after 1 child(by choice).i take her when she is ill and ring if my kids are ill to warn them but they always bring her.As they dont have back up to look after her.This is not acceptable.


Gillian76 · 07/07/2005 13:16

I would definitely give her the slip. Shocked about the PJs - what does she do with your child while she showers and dresses?

You will find someone much better I'm sure


gscrym · 07/07/2005 13:22

Bin her. Go onto a website called (I think). You can do a search of all the childcare in your area and there is definately some in Grangemouth. You can also specify only people with immediate vacancies. I know the nursery DS is going to can take some emergency places if CM lets you down etc. They're Glenbervie Kindergarten in Larbert, open 7 til 7.


Aero · 07/07/2005 13:26

Sounds like she might be depressed (too tired, not dressed in mornings etc)!!! Shocking though, and her conduct is definitely out of order! Regardless of whether she's ill or not, I'd be taking my business elsewhere. She's not reliable and you've had misgivings about her for a while now. Take your heart and head's advice here and change your childcare arrangements as soon as you can. Her problems are not yours (well apart from when she lets you down that is) and you need someone you can count on to look after your dd. Hope you can sort something out soon.


AnnaInManchester · 07/07/2005 13:29

So who is watching the children she minds while she goes and gets dressed??? What a stupid woman! Makes all childminders look incredibly unprofessional, but of course they are not - there are some wonderful childminders out there. I would leave her as soon as you can and get your dd a more focused and professional childminder.


teeavee · 07/07/2005 14:43

if it's any consolation, my sister's chilminder used to leave my 1 year old niece to sleep on in her car, which wasn't even in view of her front window!!


blodwen · 07/07/2005 20:28

I agree with the other cms. It's not on, and totally unprofessional and unacceptable. Look for another.


Toothache · 08/07/2005 07:53

Wahey - managed to get dd into a fantastic new Nursery! The Manager is the woman who managed the Nursery ds was in from 18 wks old to 3yrs.... then it closed down. Ds LOVES this woman so we're moving him there too. SOOOOOOO ahppy about it all.

OP posts:

Tissy · 08/07/2005 08:54

pleased to see you're sorted, toothache

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