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Childminder's Club:Really annoyed & let down

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KatyMac · 29/06/2005 18:45

And it's all my own fault!!!!

A mum approached me at school an monday (I do occassional minding for her children) and asked if I could do before & after school and all summer holidays.

I said "yes...maybe, no it's OK, I'll reorganise and they will be OK"

Dad came and collected them today and said not holidays and not to start until Sept

I spent all afternoon yesterday and all morning today reorganising and changing peoples day's & organising transport for the holidays so that they could come....and I'm really pissed off

Life's not fair.......and yes I do know it was never intended to be

OP posts:

RTKangaMummy · 29/06/2005 18:50

poor you


KatyMac · 29/06/2005 21:21

Thanks RTKM

OP posts:

kcemum · 29/06/2005 21:25

How annoying it is too organise everything to fit kids in and then they change their minds. At least you know that if anybody else cme up with that request, you are able to say yes.


KatyMac · 29/06/2005 21:26

Yep - but I think I'd just take fewer children if I had the choice - 3 from one family was a bit much

OP posts:

ssd · 30/06/2005 09:02

Bit rotten of them to let you down like that.

Sounds to me like they were just sounding you out - why don't people realise this is our livelihood and not just a little pastime? (you can probably tell I'm getting a bit of messing about with just now too!)

Move on KM! Their loss .........

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