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Childminder's Club: Charging for Summer Holidays???HELP

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KatyMac · 27/06/2005 22:40

I agreed to have 3 boys for the summer holiday, all fine and good - but I normally charge for all holiday up front and the Dad is struggling to find all he money.

I've asked for a 25% deposit, then I thought instead of the rest on the first day (as normal)
I'd ask for the balance over 4 weeks (it's £324 a week that way)

Do you think he would do a runner?
Or claim the money from WTC/CTC?
Or should I trust him (only met him when he came for the interview)?

BTW If I keep the places for them I could potentially loose £2175.00 which is such a lot.....WHAT SHOULD I DO??

ps I don't normally distrust people - but it's such a lot of money

OP posts:
JELLYJELLY · 27/06/2005 23:10

Once bitten twice shy, i now always ask for the money upfront or i wont like to take the child. It sounds like you could lose alot of money.

I would stick to the 25% bit, i wouldnt trust, but did he seem alright?.

Sorry iof that wasnt what you wanted to hear.

ThePrisoner · 27/06/2005 23:43

I'm very trusting, haven't had anyone do the dirty on me yet, and like to think that everyone is kind and lovely and wouldn't be so horrid as to leave their children with someone without intending to pay.

However, in the real world, I know that people do just that (lots of burnt childminding friends' fingers around my town!)

I guess I would charge the deposit, and then ask for the remaining money for each week at the beginning of each week (did that make sense?)

KatyMac · 28/06/2005 07:29

It's a real issue, isn't it.

You don't like to think of people being dishonest - but even with the best of intentions he could let me down.

It's a bit scary

OP posts:
kcemum · 28/06/2005 09:27

Katymac, I think I would do the same as the prisoner, the 25% deposit and then the rest over the four week period broken down so that he pays the balance at the beginning of each week.IYKWIM.

It is very difficult to trust people with that amount of money involved, especially if you've never met them before.

feelingold · 28/06/2005 09:59

This is a lot of money we are talking about and as a childminder you could not afford to lose it but also equally if I were the parent I would not be able to afford this much up front.
Could he not pay you weekly (pay you on a monday for that week and so on each week?)

Laura032004 · 28/06/2005 13:29

Not a childminder myself, but I know that when my mum was (talking 15 years ago now!), she used to take postdated cheques for holiday places. Could you do this?

ssd · 28/06/2005 14:09

KM, I'd want the money weekly up front. Surely he can't expect you to take on 3 kids and get paid at the end of it? He must have been paying for childcare before if he has 3.

whirlygiggle · 28/06/2005 14:14

Could you get them to start up a direct debit KM? The post dated cheques idea would show willing on there part too. If you sign contracts(as i am sure you would) then wouldn't that give you enough security?
£2175 is a lot of money to lose but a lot to come up with in advance too...It's a tricky one!

KatyMac · 05/07/2005 19:09

Well I rang him and asked if he wanted to pay weekly - but he says he has had to cash in some shares he was left in a will to afford the summer holidays so paying gradually wouldn't benefit him.....and now he hasn't returned the contract and I haven't heard from him in a week

OP posts:
ThePrisoner · 05/07/2005 21:35

If he can't afford it, then he can't afford it I guess. Wonder what he's going to do for the hols now ... suddenly doesn't need childcare? Hmmm ... bit dodgy methinks!

KatyMac · 05/07/2005 21:58

He has (apparently) sold the shares - so will be getting a lump sum - so will pay for the summer

The money he will get from WFTC will go into account for next summer hols (cos he will have to pay a lump sum for that)

I feel really bad asking for all that money - but I know I cna't take a chance on doing the childcare and not getting paid......

OP posts:
saadia · 05/07/2005 22:23

KatyMac don't feel bad, this is your job - you have to be paid. You've got your own finances to think about and whether it's before or after he still has to pay you the same amount.

ThePrisoner · 05/07/2005 22:54

Does that mean that u are having the children in the summer? Is he going to be paying u in advance? Why do we always feel so guilty about money???!!

KatyMac · 06/07/2005 08:24

Well he says he is coming and he says he is paying in advance....but who knows

OP posts:
ThePrisoner · 06/07/2005 17:18

I'm sure u will eagerly count down the days to school break-up with keen anticipation ...

Katymac · 11/07/2005 21:47

Well Daa turned up today - still no money but could I have them afterschool from Thursday....well maybe if I get paid

OP posts:
ThePrisoner · 12/07/2005 00:11

... and money in advance of course ...

Katymac · 12/07/2005 00:15

preferably cash

OP posts:
ThePrisoner · 12/07/2005 00:26

Check for counterfeiting!!

Katymac · 12/07/2005 00:28

I need one of those pens or a 'special' light - don't I

OP posts:
ThePrisoner · 12/07/2005 00:29

Frogmarch him straight to the bank to pay it in immediately, no trouble.

Katymac · 12/07/2005 00:33

have you seen the size of him - he'd make 2 of me, dh, dd and probably all of our mindees and i call him Mr X - evryone esle gets fist names

He seems to think I will be a miracle worked for his DS with dyslexia.......I'm a bit more scepticle

OP posts:
ThePrisoner · 12/07/2005 00:40

Just pop him in a wheelie bin and tape the lid shut (or sit minded children on the top) - and off you go! What a nice exciting outing for the children too ...

katymac · 15/07/2005 16:35

I've done a week ....and not been paid
Dad came tonite and asked to pay in installments as the TCO are being a pain
He also asked for a discount - I said no
Then he asked to pay over the next 6 months - I said no

I felt a bit mean - but once the holidays are over I have no chance of getting the money he owes

OP posts:
kcemum · 15/07/2005 17:53

I don't think your being mean even though you feel it. It's the hardest part of the job isn't it, asking for our fees?

Personally I would be getting a little wary of him with his attitude to payment.

Stand by your grounds and make sure you get your payment.

P.S I can't beleive he had the nerve to ask for discount!

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