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Er, can anyone help?

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kateandfelicity · 27/06/2005 19:39

Hi everyone,
My name is Kate, my DD is 7 weeks old and I plan to start work when she is 5/6mths... I would like to have a childminder... but how do I get one? Do I have to put myself on a list now? Or, do I wait until closer to the time? Also, where would these lists be? I will be living in Greenwich in London at that time... really worried that the work front will be fine only to find out I have no one to look after DD!!!
Any advice is greatly appreciated,

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lunavix · 27/06/2005 19:42

go here and find your area for a list of childminders, or ring them up for a list.

It could be worth starting a search now as some areas have a shortage. One thing - if you find one with a vacancy straight away, they may require you to pay a retainer (up to 50% of the fee) from the time you sign the contract till the time your dd starts.

If you find one who anticipates a vacancy for when you need it, you will only need to pay a deposit which the childminder will work off so you won't have paid any extra.



Twiglett · 27/06/2005 19:47

call your council and ask for them to send you a list of ALL registered childminders .. it can be a nightmare finding a childminder for a baby in SE London.. don't rely on just those who SAY they have vacancies

ask around whenever you meet another mother, ask if they know of any good childminders

call all of them and ask if they might have space around when you plan to go back to work .. someone may just know that they will have around there


kateandfelicity · 27/06/2005 19:54

Thanks guys thats great, I'll try and chase that up... I think I definitely will get started sooner rather than later...
Cheers for the help

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kateandfelicity · 27/06/2005 20:03

Dear Lunavix,

Thanks for the link... its really good!

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Xena · 27/06/2005 20:21

Hello Kate I am a c/minder (a highly recommend one ) atm I don't have any vacancies for babies but maybe I could help advise you as I know many good and bad in the area. CAT me if you like.
When will you be moving?

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