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I am thinking of becoming a childminder......

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mandyc66 · 14/06/2005 16:27

I am thinking of becoming a child minder,but I dont want it to get in the way of my own children. Is there a call for childminders term time only? Or maybe a minder for when regular minders go on holiday?
Tell me what you think

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feelingold · 14/06/2005 16:34

All of the childminders I know mind all year. Unless you are luckily enough to look after teacher's children I do not see how it could work (but maybe in other areas it does). Maybe you could offer to cover for other childminders but again all of the ones I know take their holidays in the school holidays cos that is when their children are off too.

mandyc66 · 14/06/2005 16:36

oh, well it was just an idea!!! I have 5 of my own and I dont want to have to put things off in holidays

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RTKangaMummy · 14/06/2005 16:44

I only work term time cos DH is a teacher and we go to other house in holidays so am not here

Only mind for families that I choose though IYSWIM

Teachers like me cos I only charge for term time cos I don't want to work and they don't want me to during the holidays

mandyc66 · 14/06/2005 16:50

well that sounds hopeful.
I suppose I need to get in touch with under 8s now!

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RTKangaMummy · 14/06/2005 16:52


Go for it

If you want to ask a question of the childminders on here put

Childminders Club: TITLE OF THREAD

Then that will get the CM attention etc.

mandyc66 · 14/06/2005 17:04

you meen start a new thread?!!!
What do child minders charge these days?
Do you think its easier for you to get teachers children as your hubby is a teacher?

OP posts:
RTKangaMummy · 14/06/2005 17:08

Ooops sorry no I don't mean start another thread

I meant next time

Yes Mindees all have come from DH school

Anywhere between £2.50 and £10 per hour depending where you live and how much demand there is etc.

mandyc66 · 14/06/2005 17:12

maybe I will contact my local cm group and see what the demand for term time only is

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blodwen · 14/06/2005 18:21

I have been minding term time only for 14 years! It was great when my son was little (he was 5 when I started), and I could devote holiday times to him. Now he's grown up it's still great as I love the time to do other things. All but one of my mindees are teachers children. The one that isn't comes to me 2 days a week and another cm 3 days (mum started off working part-time and when full time job came up I had no vacancies). The other cm quite happy to have him in school holidays. Before this, they managed with family members. Obviously best with teachers children though. I have never had a problem filling my spaces. In fact I can't remember the last time I had a space, and will not have one for the forseeable future! Good luck.

Xena · 14/06/2005 18:32

Hi, 3 out of my 5 mindees I only have in term time as they are teachers children

badgerhead · 14/06/2005 19:35

Although I mind full time three of my minded children are teachers children which makes it a lot easier for the school holidays. Also minders do not neccessarily taker all their holidays in the school holidays as either they don't have children of their own or their children have grown up so being able to offer holiday cover is useful, but you would need to get to know the other local minders so that they know you & will ask you if they need cover either for holidays or odd days off etc. Also you could offer short term or emergency cover for parents.
Regards charging this would depend on the going rate where you live & for emergency or short term cover you might be able to charge a slightly enhanced rate because of the nature of the rate, but be careful not to overcharge & do yourself out of work.

mandyc66 · 14/06/2005 20:54

you have all been great. I will contact my local group and the under 8's and see about registering. I have worked with children for years and I see minding as a way to work around my family

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