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Childminders Club - argh

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lunavix · 27/05/2005 10:16

And I was so happy about my inspection too....

just found out mindee's parents have taken up a job offer, which means they have to move away

They've given me a months notice, but the mum is quite upset, she loves her dd coming here, and also loves the area.

I'll miss mindee, but it's kind of hit home now how unreliable being self employed is - all I have left is my twin mindees, and if their mum decides to quit her job or change minder or anything... I'll have no mindees at all Argh!

I suddenly feel the need to advertise everywhere and anywhere... except I already do!

OP posts:
feelingold · 27/05/2005 10:32

Do you have a local vacancy co-ordinator you can let know you have places?
Is there a local childminding group you can join, ours has a website for advertising and we do events and invite the local newpaper along to take photos and we always add out website address to anything that goes in the paper.
Can you register with surestart as sometimes you can get work through them?

These are the only things I can think of at the moment that you might be able to do if you already have adverts out there.

lunavix · 27/05/2005 15:03

I hadn't thought of surestart...

i'm joining the local network so hopefully that will help, there isn't a vacancy co-ordinator in this area though.

I phoned up CIS to bump myself up the list though!

OP posts:
KatieMac · 27/05/2005 21:30

You will get more children - I know you will

If you look back to threads in Jan/Feb I was desparate for children and I've closed my books now

Be confident (esp when talking to new or potential parents)

You are a great childminder

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