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Started new job today

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OliviaGrace · 23/05/2005 20:18

I started my new nursery job today. From an hour within my shift I was left alone with the children for the rest of the day and changed nappies despite not having a CRB (see my other post on this topic - called 'New Job'.

The other nursery nurses were all so ignorant and bitchy apart from one, who looks after the babies.

None of them even bothered to speak to me and when I went in the staff room at lunch no one even spoke to me, one girl was giving me dirty looks and then she suddenly burst out laughing....i'm not sure if it was at me but she seemed to be a nasty cow. Even the supervisor deputy was nasty. She slated the girl who will be working with me (i have not met her yet as she is on holiday) saying her work is crap.

I've decided my heart lies in nannying. I love kids but cannot work with other women in such a bitchy atmosphere but I will keep this job just til I find nanny work.

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blodwen · 23/05/2005 20:20

Poor you - they sound horrible ! What on earth are they like with the children? I hope you find a nannying job soon.


OliviaGrace · 23/05/2005 20:27

they fed the children spaghetti hoops with a quarter of bread for tea. is this right?

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allyco · 23/05/2005 20:51

Olivia (my DD's name too!) you are better off out of it IMO.

I hope they're nicer to the children than they were to you.

Am so glad got a childminder and didn't send DD to nursery (I know they're not all bad though!!)


bambi06 · 23/05/2005 21:03

i feel exactly the same.. i used to nanny before my kids but had also worked in various nurseries..thankfully only temping and the attitude of a lot of girls was appalling and very unwelcoming and i have a friend who worked in a day nursery for 6 months..thats all she could take as there was no moral and half of the younger staff just sat and told the kids what to do all the time or didnt bother with them and left her to do everything because they said she was more experienced!! she could nt take their atitude and i know lots of people who`ve said similar thing sthen parents wonder why theres so much staff turnover and even the managers question why no body stays long!!!1


blodwen · 23/05/2005 21:08

Allyco - so glad you're happy with your childminder! It's good to know we are appreciated!


NannyL · 23/05/2005 21:11

come back to nannying!!!

i know i could NEVER work in a nursary!

i LOVE nannying and would never do anything else! there ARE some great jobs out there, its just a case of finding them!

my boss is the BEST! (and so are my 2 charges, oh and the 2 dogs and cat are lovely too!)


ssd · 24/05/2005 07:33

Olivia, when I did my NNEB training sadly your expeience was the same as mine. I mostly found in every nursery/day nursery there would usually be 1 member of staff who was great with the kids and enjoyed their company. But the rest of them couldn't be bothered and spent most of the day ignoring the kids and gossiping about other staff. Then when the parents showed up they were all smiles......And this was consistant over 2 years training and about 8 nurseries...

That memory is the reason I decided to become a childminder instead of putting my kids into childcare, I know it might sound silly but I know an awful lot of childcare workers are doing the job without really enjoying it and it shows in the way they treat the kids in their care.

This is my honest opinion, I know there are a lot of people working in childcare who try their best and genuinely enjoy their jobs, but IME most don't, it's just something to earn some money and I for one feel my children deserve better...

Sorry to be negative but this has been my experience.


OliviaGrace · 24/05/2005 19:58

Hi guys, thanks for all your replies! Today was the same......everyone basically ignored me and I was in with 3 under 2's alone without my police check AGAIN. I change these kids nappies where no one can see me.

We were sent (me and my 3 children) into the older kids room and played there for a bot which was ok, then we sat down for a story. Mine are just over 1 and a half years old, and so wouldn't sit on their bottoms and the nursery nurse that was telling the story gave me such a dirty look, but they're still babies for heavens sake!!! They're not going to sit on their bums for bloody half an hour!!!

Then this girl did singing with the class. I didn't sing as i'm tone deaf, but always sing to my 3 all day long when we're in our room. She said 'why aren't u singing' in a really off manner. I could've told her to piss right off. She embarassed me in front of her 2 co-workers and the children!

Also, this other girl I overheard talking about me saying to another nursery nurse that I was 'horrible'. I am quiet and reserved, yes, but I am good with my babies, I sit and play with them all day long. I get on the carpet, I make sure they are very happy all the time and even I have been working on this one babies self esteem as he is very quiet and withdrawn and today he was chattering to me and laughing. I am good at my job. She sits on her bum, ignoring the kids except when she needs to shout at one of them. And I mean shout. She really shouts! I would kill her if she shouted at my child. All I want is to do my job well, to follow the policy and to be a good role model for my babies, but all this bitching is putting me right off. Also for this job, I get up at 5:45, set off for the bus at 6:15 and this is for a job that starts at 8:30, and on the way back I don't get home til 7:30pm. My mum says I should not go back. I don't have a contract but could they still do something if I do not work a notice?

OP posts:

MaryP0p1 · 24/05/2005 20:10

Olivia, it sounds like you are having a horrible time. I've worked with children for many years, the last few in nurseries. In my experience nurseries staffed entirely with young girls are bitchy and difficult to get along with. The nurseries that have a range of age groups are much nicer and I really enjoy working in them. Could you approach the local school nursery and see if they have work for you or do you have to work full time?


allyco · 24/05/2005 20:17

blodwen - I would take childminder over a nusery anyday of the week my childminder is brill!!!

Only, even she can't make my DD sleep

Olivia- would say leave them to it and go back to nannying,if you can.


OliviaGrace · 24/05/2005 20:24

should i give them my notice or not go back at all?

OP posts:

NannyL · 24/05/2005 20:32

With no contract there is NOTHING at all they can do!

Just looks like their contract policy is as slack as their BRD check policy

If i were you DONT go back tomo!

sounds horrible


OliviaGrace · 24/05/2005 20:32


OP posts:

OliviaGrace · 24/05/2005 20:35

Thanks NannyL! I'm not sure I will go back. Even the deputy manager was bitching about my soon to be co-worker (who is currently on hilday) and calling her work.

I think it's time to go back to nannying as all my nanny jobs have been fab and the parents have been fantastic! U think I will still get paid for the work I have done?

OP posts:

NannyL · 24/05/2005 20:38

yep they are legally obliged to pay you for work done

and without contract their nowt they can do bout you leaving

I had 1 nasty nanny job that lasted 2 weeks

still no contract when i left and CAB confirmed all that!

you WILL be paid and theres nothing they can do!


tillykins · 24/05/2005 20:38

I think they would have to pay you for the work you have done, and i think you should write to the owner / manager / council / whoever and tell them your experience at this nursery
I am so glad my baby isn't there, it sounds utterly disgraceful!


Puppy · 24/05/2005 22:01

hi olivia, I agree with the others, aswell as what tillykins said I would definatley write a letter to OFSTED too of your experiences.
I think you should write a letter to the nursery manager to say that you will no longer be working there and then go on with your complaint.
Hope all goes well for you.


OliviaGrace · 24/05/2005 23:14

Thanks for your replies! It is utterly digraceful. Not neccessarily the supervision of the children, because the girl in the baby room is fantastic at her job and a really nice and down to earth girl. Also theres a young girl in the pre school room who on my interview tour I thought was moody, turned out to be lovely and helpful, but the rest of them are bad at their job and bring shame to nursery nurses the world over. I feel sorry for anyones children who goes there. It's in central Manchester by the way!

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