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Babysitter needed - tonight - Henley-on-Thames

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flum · 18/05/2005 10:07

..bit of a shot in the dark am staying with family and sposed to be going out. All our efforts have been thwarted. Trying to join Sitters as we speak but they not sure will be able to put it through today.

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flum · 18/05/2005 10:08

actually having just seen this go up. am probably mad. not sure could leave my ikkle one with a total stranger from a website - that would just be craaaaazy wouldn't it.

dp is pressurising me to find someone

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flashingnose · 18/05/2005 10:10

Boris Johnson?

flashingnose · 18/05/2005 10:12

Failing him, do your family have any teenagers as neighbours?

flum · 18/05/2005 10:13

yeah, he'd be great.

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Twiglett · 18/05/2005 10:17

glad you realised how strange that was before I took the rip-roaring pi$$ out of you Flum

flum · 18/05/2005 10:20

No!! We've rung all the teenagers we know (2) they don't even know any friends with kids that we could ask who they use - IYKWIM

actually just found a co. called Henley Nannies -they are going to try for me. cinders might go to the ball yet!

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flashingnose · 18/05/2005 10:22

Actually, I'm not a million miles away from Henley but am in fact a hairy handed lorry driver, so no use to you.

flum · 18/05/2005 10:27

Twiglett - I know - he always laughs at me for using mumsnet for all my advice. but today he said why don;t you ask the girls on mumsnet to give you ideas. I said what if a hairy arsed trucker comes to baby sit.

or like the one one on Little Britain 'Don't worry your bebby is fine'

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OliviaGrace · 18/05/2005 10:49

Lol....going anywhere nice?

Try serching babysitters on

koalabear · 18/05/2005 11:20

flum - live near Henley - what time do you need, and are you prepared to do drop off and pick up? have a friend with reliable babysitter, so could ask her

flum · 18/05/2005 11:27

Thanks Koala. my mum is on the case with Henley Nannies. They said they would only ring round for her if she guaranteed to make the booking - sbest leave it at that for now!

its only a stupid charity fashion show of clothes I can't afford and wouldn't fit into anyway.. but my mum booked it and you know its a mother daughter thing except thwarted as dad away and dp has a football match to play in.

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koalabear · 18/05/2005 11:36

well let me know if you get stuck - i live on 3 miles from H-o-T, and have loads of mummy friends around so am fairly confident i could find a solution for you (including our house )

in fact, we've probably met already at one of the many groups/parks etc? how old are you children?

flum · 18/05/2005 11:43

Oh thanks so much. will give them an hour or so to come up with some one.

i don't actually live in Henley. my mum and dad do. we are staying while i finish work - commute to london. kind mum looking after dd.

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flum · 18/05/2005 11:44

One dd 15 months.

I'm always at work so can't go to groups

but am finishing work next week - yahoo and moving to new house in wiltshire

OP posts:
koalabear · 18/05/2005 12:12

oh you lucky thing - i work full time too in the city - just returned from mat leave - what a commute - the tube is just awful

flum · 18/05/2005 12:52

my mum found a babysitter through the Henley Nannies - thank you so much anyway though. They are quite pricey - of course.

mmmm, kind of lucky in that respect (moving to nice house in country - we lived just by Liverpool St station until 2 months ago) - am really looking forward to it. Just found out dps business might be closing down though so errrr from two v. good salaries to none possibly !!!!!

v. scary

where do you work in the city. It is a devil of a commute isn't it. I try to get the 07.36 train as don't have to change - much painless.

Its so hard after maternity leave isn't it

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koalabear · 18/05/2005 13:33

oh, very glad you've got your babysitting sorted

i work about 500 m from liverpool st station and i get the same train - just think, we probably nod to one another each morning - ha ha ha

going back to work and leaving DS behind was like cutting off both my arms everyday - getting a bit more used to it now i guess - being armless that it - but it can't be a way of life for a prolongued period - it's just no way to live

flum · 19/05/2005 10:33

Oooh, I'm gonna look out for someone with the mumsnet twitch!

we went to the Haods Fashion show last night - it was full of Henley Ladeeez.

I know wht you mean about after maternity leave. I still get tears in my eyes when I ring home at the middle of the day to hear what she's been up to.

Having said that I do find the weekends with her tiring in a different way of course.

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