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Childminders Club:WOW - talk about busy......

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KatieMac · 06/05/2005 21:23

Today I was up for a busy day

had 5 under 5 for breakfast
went to school with 2 under 5 and 2 over 5
came home 1 under 5 to nursery and 2 more arrived

6 under 5
school rang there has been a gas leak - come and collect your children and how many extra can I take.....
load all 6 in to 2 buggies walk to school
at school collected my dd, my assistants ds, and 3 other children
walk eleven children home [scared icon]

then when they are all in and lunched (that's 14 for lunch)- I get a call from a prospective parent - who came to see me - I think they paniced at all the children - and I don't think I'll be seeing them again.

All gone by 6pm with only 1 offer of payment

I've just had a 2 hr nap and feel a bit better

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ssd · 07/05/2005 08:55

KM, one offer of payment? Do the parents think you're a bl##dy charity. I hope they stump up!


redshoes · 07/05/2005 20:05

KM you have to bill them! How miserable of them to take are putting me off! ps Still trying for a quiet moment to phone you...


KatieMac · 08/05/2005 15:32

No problem.......I'm normally around

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