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CHILDMINDERS CLUB: Do I have to inform anyone?

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Bonkerz · 24/04/2005 16:23

I have just been told that one of my mindees (16mths) has been diagnosed with measles. Have checked on NHS direct and it says to exclude for 7 days from start of rash but do i have to inform the contagous disease people? and OFSTED? I will ofcourse let the other parents know BUT am now concerned im going to get an outbreak as she was diagnosed on saturday and apparently its contagious 4 days BEFORE rash appears!!! What should i do?

OP posts:
bambi06 · 24/04/2005 17:06

yes i thnk you do have to contact OFTSTED as i thnk if you look in one of your books on childminding somewhere it says about when to contact them..

jothorpe · 24/04/2005 18:04

Measles is a notifiable disease.

  1. Must be reported to doctor (who is responsbible for reporting notifiable diseases to local medical officer in environmental health).
  2. All parents/carers of children in your care must be notified. It is suggested that you give guidance as to signs of symptoms to watch for.
  3. Keep a record of the event, including actions taken.
  4. Notify OFSTED - 0845 601 4771 - Under Standard 7 you must notify OFSTED of any infectious disease that a qualified medical person considers notifiable.
  5. under The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 (RIDDOR),you have to report any outbreaks of notifiable diseases to RIDDOR. 0845 3009923
    Report Using On-Line Form

    For future reference, a list of Notifiable Diseases can be found on the HPA website
KatieMac · 24/04/2005 20:40

Oh Bonkerz...poor baby...poor parents & poor you

Will your own be OK? have you had it?
Are you worried about your parents reactions?

Big hugs

Bonkerz · 24/04/2005 22:01

Rang the other parents tonight and just gave them an idea what to look for. Have used nhs direct and got a list of sympoms etc for them all tomorrow, have advised that if they have 2 or more of the symptoms that they should keep child at home and take to doctors to be on safe side. All the parents were fine about it. The little girl is ok actually and its just the spots that itch and she has a cough with it and a runny nose. Have made my report and will ring ofsted and riddor in the morning but i know the doctor has informed local authroity anyway. have also passed on the info to the other childminders we see regularly so they can just make parents aware that the children have had contact with the virus. We attend a toy library and im not sure if i should just ring them so they could put a notice up. What do you think?

OP posts:
KatieMac · 24/04/2005 22:04 about a general warning that measles is in the area..sort of thing?

Bonkerz · 25/04/2005 09:18

Well that was a waste of time. Rang RIDDOR this morning to be told that unless it is an employee who has measles and unless we worked on an oil rig out at sea then they did not need to know!! So rang OFSTED and asked if i needed to inform them and was told NO. Asked WHY it was in the standards and they said quite innocently "is it???" Have made a note of times etc when called and who spoke to and what said etc so i cant be told off!!

LESSON FOR US ALL. Thanks everyone for your help though!

BTW the little girl is really poorly with it today, she has red and sensitive eyes and is covered in a rash!! Have told parents of the other children that if they develop a temperature this week i will be sending them home to be safe!

And to top it all ive got a really sore throat today!!!

OP posts:
ssd · 25/04/2005 10:02

Poor you Bonkerz! And [hugs] to the little girl.

Hope you all feel better soon!

ssd · 25/04/2005 10:08

I wonder if Ofsted is the same as the Care Commission in Scotland?

I had problems with the C.C. when I was registering here in Scotland. I had to get advice from the fire brigade about the best place to have my smoke alarm - hello I live in a 2bed house! Obviously best place was in the hall (where it is) but the CC wouldn't commit to giving me advice and I had to speak to the area fire chief! And once it was fitted CC have never looked at it!.

jothorpe · 25/04/2005 19:37

Thanks for the info Bonkerz, will update my info regarding that RIDDOR do not want to be contacted.

SSD, yes Ofsted are very similar to the Care Commission in Scotland. And yes, the rules/regulations are just as silly sometimes.

RTKangaMummy · 25/04/2005 19:44

Bonkerz oh dear have any of the others had their MMR

What about yours?

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