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Childminders in North London, any ideas how much they charge?

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Booklover · 19/04/2005 09:32

I am thinking about returning to work, ds is now one and I was really shocked about the high nursery costs. Going back three days a week might not be worse it financially as it hardly covers the costs, so I just wondered if anyone has an idea how much childminder charge?

OP posts:
Oil · 19/04/2005 09:36

In Barnet the childminders I looked at were a similar price to the nurseries - inevitably the one I absolutely loved was the most expensive (£60/day) with the average at about £50 and nurseries a bit less. Good luck, will be interested to know what others have found.

bluebear · 19/04/2005 09:46

try looking on - click on your local area, and it will give you a list of childcare options, choose childminders and look at a few until you get the prices (some don't put them on their profiles)

If it's any help, in west london, childminders start at about £3.50 and get to £5 an hour...but tend to have a 'day' price between £30 and £40 - quite similar to nurseries.

I have a friend in Enfield whose childminder is £20 per day, but I don't know if that's average.

amelisa · 20/04/2005 12:38

I`m registered childminder and I charge 3,50 per hour,35 per day ,150 per week.
I have full-time /part-time vacancies
location:finchley central
e-mail:[email protected]

MarsLady · 20/04/2005 12:40

It depends where you are in North London I think. About £5 an hour is average in the N10 area.

donnie · 22/04/2005 15:10

my dd goes to a childminer in Finchley and she charges £4.50 ph which is about average I think.

HappyMumof2 · 22/04/2005 16:13

Message withdrawn

Roolie · 21/07/2005 13:12

donnie could you give me the details for the childmnder in finchley you refer to pls.
thanks in advance

goosey · 21/07/2005 13:37

I have just built this site for a childminder in Maida Vale.Is that North London? Her charges are on the site.

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