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Childminders - what do you do when your ill?

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kelli22 · 06/04/2005 08:06

Just wondering how ill you would have to be before you called the parents and would you charge?


OP posts:
feelingold · 06/04/2005 08:56

I have never been ill since becoming a childminder, or should I say never been so ill I could not look after children. I have rung parents a couple of times cos I have had a really bad cold or one of my kids has been ill and given them the option of whether they still want to bring mindees and they always have.
I would not charge if I was ill cos in my opinion if you are not able to provide a place for them they should not pay (this is what most of my friends who are childminders do too.) We were all actually talking about this subject the other day and we all commented how you rarely get ill enough to have to turn your mindees away, I think out of 6 of us only 2 had been ill enough to take time off for a couple of days in the past 3 years!!

ssd · 06/04/2005 11:54

I was ill with a horrible virus a few months ago and I called the parents a few days before to tell them I couldn't work. Also my ds had the same virus and I didn't work then and told the parents this beforehand. In both cases I didn't charge.

If my kids aren't well (very rarely, 2 days in 2 1/2 years) I definately wouldn't childmind as my kids come first and I want to give them all of my attention. Also if I'm ill I know if I can struggle on (and usually do) or if I have to lie on the couch all day and can't childmind.

blodwen · 06/04/2005 18:10

Like the others here, I am very rarely ill (touch wood). I think the constant contact with children gives you some immunity! A few years ago I sent a child home one morning after they threw up. That evening I babysat for 2 other mindees, who both threw up within an hour. When I got home, my son threw up. I was absolutely fine though! In the 14 years I've been minding, I haven't had more than about 4 or 5 days off in total. The parents I mind for take a lot more time off sick than I do! I do not charge if I am sick either (but charge full fee if child is sick).

ssd · 06/04/2005 20:14

blodwen, your post made me realise one parent I mind for has taken 4 sick days herself since I've been minding her kids, as opposed to my 1.

Maybe we are made of stronger stuff!

ssd · 06/04/2005 20:15

Or maybe it's because I don't get sick pay and she does...

blodwen · 06/04/2005 20:21

Yes SSD, that's probably about right! There was one day I felt really rough, but didn't want to let a parent down at short notice. I did hum and hah about ringing her, but decided to battle on. When the Dad dropped the mindees off, saying Mum had stayed in bed as she wasn't feeling too well, I was not a happy bunny ! As you say, we must be made of sterner stuff!

KatieMac · 06/04/2005 20:46

I have ME and during the 2 years previous to starting C/Ming I was off fro over 4 months.

Since starting C/Ming - I have had 4 or 5 days that I couldn't work (touch wood) .... DH covered.

When ever I phone parents to say we have illness in the family - they always say Oh it's good for thier system (ie I don't want a day off work)

We must be made of strong stuff

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