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Childcare's raining!!!

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nicm · 21/03/2005 08:03

and i've got 6 kids to keep entertained today!! ages are 3 11 yo's, a 9 yo and 2 7 yo's. i've decided on a home treasure hunt but anyone got any other ideas, please the 7 yo's are ok, enjoy making things, etc but the older ones get bored really easily.


OP posts:
nailpolish · 21/03/2005 08:15

have you got board games or a deck of cards? a game of monopoly can last all day....

Ameriscot2005 · 21/03/2005 08:16

Do school-age kids need entertaining? I just ignore mine during the holidays and find that this way they are forced into creativity.

One of the holiday games that my kids like doing is making a film. They have to come up with a plot, scripts, props and costumes. Then they need to rehearse, film, possibly edit the film, burn it, then have the viewing.

Earlybird · 21/03/2005 08:21

We used to love putting a sheet over the dining table (one that reached most/all the way to the floor), and then making a "house" inside. We'd bring in pillows, blankets, soft toys, books, radios, etc. We'd sit for hours in there playing with a torch for extra light when we wanted to read. Maybe yours would enjoy that.

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