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Childminder's - Quality Assurance

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miamum · 15/03/2005 19:25

I've done it ......
I've Passed .......
I am now a Quality Assured Childminder .....

Phew! Only Extending Childminding Practice (ECP - cache) and accreditation to go ......

Thanks for listening and sorry if this comes across as smug pat on the back. Just worked sooooo hard.

OP posts:
Xena · 15/03/2005 19:27

Well done I'm hoping to do that soon how long did it take?

ssd · 15/03/2005 19:44

miamum, what is that?

I childmind in Scotland and I've never heard of that, maybe we don't have it here...

Well done anyway!!

miamum · 15/03/2005 19:47

Did it through the Trio network.

Probably took about four months, met her on average every two weeks for an hour or so.

If you are organised and have your policies in place etc would not take that long. It was help on the policies etc that i specifically wanted.

Also sometimes dificult when you were minding a few children at the same time ( especially covering Child protection issues etc)

Well worth while doing - really made me think about what i was offering and good to have the feedback on what they thought you were doing well etc.

OP posts:
miamum · 15/03/2005 19:53

ssd - Thank you. Please excuse ignorance i don't know what the set up is in Scotland.

Basically the quality assurance can be done for yourself individually ( or i believe through the NCMA) or through the network in your area (in my case Oxon/wilts is Trio)
It is supposed to be a guarantee to parents that you are offering a high quality service etc. You also need to be quality assured before you can go for accreditation (offer free places to 3-5 year olds and government pays you)
The network will also visit you after you have gained this to ensure standards are kept high and will carry out inspections like Ofsted. May according to rumour lead to shorter ofsted inspections.

OP posts:
ssd · 15/03/2005 20:05

AAHH!! Thanks!

KatieMac · 15/03/2005 21:51

Congratulations......Well done for all your hard work

miamum · 16/03/2005 07:17

KatieMac - Thanks

OP posts:
alibubbles · 16/03/2005 09:38

Well done miamum!

I am quality assured and have to renew it sometime before June.

I am also newly accredited, there are only 2 accredited childminders in the county.

I am also on Radio 4, `You and Yours on thursday or Friday this week talking about men in childcare.

Marina · 16/03/2005 09:59

Well done to you both Alibubbles and Miamum. goodness I wish there were more of you around!

lunavix · 16/03/2005 10:00

Well done everyone

miamum · 16/03/2005 10:14

Thanks and well done!

Alibubbles - would love to hear it - what sort of time only usually get to listen to radio on school runs but will tune in!!!

OP posts:
alibubbles · 16/03/2005 12:57

Its on at 12.05

KatieMac · 17/03/2005 07:46

Is it on today?

alibubbles · 17/03/2005 09:29

Bumped by the budget, hopefully tomorrow.

KatieMac · 17/03/2005 15:20

I'll try- but 12 is lunchtime.......

miamum · 17/03/2005 16:58

Organised chaos today (will have rant when a little calmer and have more time) - will listen out tomorrow

OP posts:
KatieMac · 18/03/2005 19:09

missed it - didn't have a minute until after 3 I'll try & get it on-line

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