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How much for a childminder in central london?

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IlanaK · 08/03/2005 19:11

Does anyone know roughly how much they charge? I really have no idea at all and am trying to work out if I can afford one.

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motherinferior · 08/03/2005 19:28

I pay £30 a day. Which is kind of mid-range I think (she's very good).

IlanaK · 08/03/2005 20:14

Ah, not an hourly rate then. I am looking for part-time so I thought it would be an hourly rate.

OP posts:
maomao · 08/03/2005 20:27

I'm in NW London, where they charge between 5 and 6 pounds per hour. If you take a look at childcare link , some childminders actually list their hourly rates.


janeybops · 08/03/2005 20:39

I live in greater london and pay £22 a day, or £110 a week. I get a discount for second child...

slim22 · 08/03/2005 20:57

I pay £5.50/hour

IlanaK · 08/03/2005 21:01

Thanks everyone, and thanks especially for the link. Very useful and I will call some of them tomorow.

OP posts:
cheerful · 16/03/2005 16:16

i babysit reguarly in west london and charge £5.00 an hour maybe it will be a similar price hope i've helped

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