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Does this sound like too much "out and about" time for 6mth old?

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florenceuk · 11/01/2005 19:26

Just contemplating child care options for post-Easter. I have a 3-yr old and (will be) 6mth old. Have choice so far of old nanny now childminder with 2 kids of her own aged about 3yr and (will be) 18mths. She is about a five minute walk away. Have checked with Ofsted and they are happy for her to look after mine as well. The pros are she is a lovely person and her DD and my DS get on really well as we've kept in touch since she left. But it would mean lots of trips in the buggy for DD - first for me to drop off the kids at 8am, then 9am to her DD's nursery, back at 12 to pick her up and then to my DS's nursery at 12.45, back at 3.15pm to pick him up and then home again at 6.30pm.

Alternatively, current childminder could do it - she has a DS aged around 7 and a DD also 3yrs. But while she could come to my house and work as a nanny, she is about a 10minute drive away, and would need to go back to her house to pick up her DD from nursery at 12, then do my DS's nursery run, then go and pick up her son from the after-school club. Pros are she has looked after DS for over a year and he worships her older son, plus he knows her DD well.

Or I could plunge into the unknown, return from holiday and face having to find new childcare - probably a new nanny. For DS's sake I'd prefer to stick with the women he knows (he knows both of these women really well), but it is not perhaps fair on DD? What do people (including childminders/nannies) think about looking after 4 under 5?

OP posts:
motherinferior · 11/01/2005 20:01

I don't think it's too much time in the buggy, honestly.

zebra · 11/01/2005 20:05

How did you get Ofsted to approve 4 under 5??? I couldn't for love or money get them to approve anybody looking after my 3yo+under 1yo plus 2 other children under 5; no way, several local childminders asked on my behalf...

Anyway, on your question, as I currently have a 6 month old... it's after Easter & weather will be good, so I wouldn't think it 2 b too much buggy time...

ladymuck · 11/01/2005 20:05

Agree with mi. 2nd and subsequent children do end up on more errands than firstborn. Will one woman over the other be better suited when your oldest starts school?

ladymuck · 11/01/2005 20:08

Zebra, one of my friends shared a minder with someone who had the same age children (each had one who was 2.5 when joined by a sibling). Minder got approval for both sibs in addition to the older 2. Other than needing to apply for approval it didn't seem a big issue.

florenceuk · 11/01/2005 20:13

Now I'm beginning to feel like slightly paranoid mum! I have to admit I personally have struggled with getting my DS off to nursery and fitting in with DD so I admire my childminder for being willing to do it with 4 kids. I'm not sure eg when DD would have lunch or get her pm nap - probably in the buggy!

Zebra on the 3 under 5 rule - not sure, as my childminder did the asking! However, she has worked as nanny before and has minded twins and this number of kids before. I'm not sure if it makes a difference that the two other kids are actually her own.

Any views on car trips vs buggy? Or on looking after 4 under 5 (rather than 3 under 5 and one older)?

OP posts:
zebra · 11/01/2005 20:17

Personally I'd rather my kids did buggy trips than car trips; more fresh air, & inside car air pollution can be awfully high.
All the CMs locally who asked believed that Ofsted would say yes given my children are siblings... but they wouldn't. I must have contacted a dozen local CMs before I found the lady I have now, and she's (whispers) .... can't say it, don't want her (or me) to get in trouble!

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