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Babysitters Bristol

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kkgirl · 30/11/2004 16:54

Can anyone help. I am desperate for a babysitter for next week.
Have tried all the mums in my babysitting circle, and no one can do it, they are all either working, or partying too.

Any ideas?

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Uwila · 30/11/2004 17:44

Have you tried going through the ofsted website for childminders in your area. Some of them might babysit?

Sorry, I'm not in Bristol so I can't help much.


WideWebWitch · 30/11/2004 20:52

kkgirl, we use Sitters in Bristol, they're fab.


kkgirl · 30/11/2004 22:49


The only thing that puts me off sitters is the cost. A £4 booking fee and £12 a quarter, when I would probably only use them once, because usually the babysitting circle works.

My night out not including drinks is turning out more and more expensive!!!!!

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