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How much?

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yanny · 30/10/2007 14:18


I've been asked to pick up a four year old from a local nursery at 11.30, take him home and give him lunch then drop off at another nursery in the next town at 1 pm. Works out 6 hours a week as only Tues-Fri.

I'm a new(ish) nanny and unsure how much to charge? I'm based in Fife, not really a high demand area for nannies. My last temp position was £7 per hour

Any suggestions welcome.

OP posts:

DynamicNanny · 30/10/2007 15:25

Would you be on call - if the child was sick at nursery - will you be caring for him during the holidays etc


yanny · 30/10/2007 16:17

Sorry for the delay!

No I don't think I will be on call or required for hols but could you give me a rough idea for on call and hols and not on call?

Thanks for your reply!

OP posts:

nannynick · 30/10/2007 18:36

How will that fit around other jobs you have (now, or in the future)? Do you really only want to be working 6 or so hours per week (remember to include your time getting to/from collection/drop off points)?

If you go ahead with this, then I would suggest that you charge a minimum of 2 hours, or even 3 hours - whatever is most viable to you. £7-£10 gross per hour.

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