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newbie with question on babysitting rates in worcestershire

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nametaken · 28/10/2007 18:09

Hi everyone I'm new here but was wondering if anyone can let me know the babysitting raes for worcestershire area.

Also I have 3 kids - would that make any difference to the rate? and are week-ends more expensive than mid-week. And am I responsible for getting the babysitter home afterwards.

This is all new to me. I had au-pairs for years but no more because the children are older - but we do like the odd night out!!! as you do.

Any advice appreciated.


OP posts:
omega2 · 28/10/2007 19:24

I am in Worcestershire and a qualified nanny with 12 years experience so charge £7 an hour

Its up to you if you want to run the sitter home at the end of the night but if you go with someone older they usually drive or sort out transport

nannynick · 28/10/2007 19:25

How much it will cost will be dependent I feel on if you require someone qualified in childcare, experienced with babies, or if you are just looking for a local teenager down the road.

A professional nanny I expect will charge between £7 to £10 per hour. Where as a local teenager may charge £5 per hour or less.

The number of children you have should not make a difference to the cost... babysitters are like nannies, they care for as many children as there are in the family.

Personally I don't vary rate dependent on the day of the week, though I am aware that some people do.

No, I do not feel you are responsible for getting the babysitter home afterwards.

omega2 · 29/10/2007 12:22

Where abouts in worcetershire are you as i am looing for work - real name is Erica

nametaken · 29/10/2007 14:18

Erica I am in Evesham.

OP posts:
omega2 · 29/10/2007 19:29

not sure how i could contact you but this is my ad on gumtree so wondering if you want to contact me through here and then i can email you. I would travel to Evesham as long as its for a minimum of 4 hours or its not really worth it to me

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