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Au pairs quick question.

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45nanny · 26/10/2007 09:27

What hours do Aupairs normally work and would you leave your small baby with one for more than a (say quick trip to the supermarket.)

OP posts:
ScaryScienceT · 26/10/2007 09:33

They normally work 5 hours a day, and should not have sole charge of children under 3. However, it's reasonable to leave them while you pop out for a bit. It's really up to you has to how confident you feel with her.

foofi · 26/10/2007 09:33

That's 5 days a week only, ie 25 hours max. There's also an au pair plus who does more hours (35?)

alyblackcat · 26/10/2007 09:37

Au Pair Classic = 25 hours over 5 days + 2 eves babysitting.

Au Pair+ = 40 hours over 5 days + 2 eves babysitting.

I generally have an AP+ but for an AP would be for 2 hours for b/fast pre-school run mayhem and then most of the day off to go to college do a bit of housework and help with tea time. It depends when you need them.

As for the other question I have only had 1 AP that I would have left a very young baby with. I have had at least 1 that I wouldn't leave my 7 and 2yr olds with ! (she lasted a week) It really depends on who you get, how relaxed you are. Remember the majority are usually very young and quite inexperienced.

ingles2 · 26/10/2007 11:49

Agree with Aly...
I wouldn't leave an AP with a baby in a million years, even my best AP's couldn't cope I don't think. I know lots of people do it successfully though....Have you thought about a mothers help?

Weegle · 27/10/2007 18:21

I have a German au pair and a 17 month old. She has had sole-charge of him for max 3 hours whilst I've been to a hospital appointment but usually the most she has him by herself is to take him to the playground at the end of the road for an hour. She's excellent though and I trust her implicitly.

ScaryScienceT · 27/10/2007 18:34

I think there is a difference between 'sole charge' and babysitting. With sole charge, the au pair is calling the shots and making lots of decisions on her own If a mum occasionally leaves an au pair for a couple of hours with very explicit instructions, then that is a bit different.

Most of us are reasonbly happy to have teenage babysitters - I don't see why an au pair would be any different.

45nanny · 28/10/2007 18:12

Thanks for all the replies.
The Aupair isnt for me, i,m already a nanny. I was talking to a friend; who has a friend who is going back to work and is looking for childcare for her 3month old, not full time but certainly at least 4/5 hours a day. They asked my advice and i was horrified that she would leave such a small baby with an Aupair (doesnt matter how good she was)
I asked you all as i felt that they didnt believe me when i said that she shouldn't even be considering getting an the au pair . I thought that if i could at least point her to this site ,she might think again.
I said that as she couldn't afford a nanny then a good local childminder or a nursery was the answer. She was of the opition that she wants help with the housework too , so it made sense to leave the baby with the same person.

OP posts:
Squiffy · 29/10/2007 14:34

I always shudder when people suggest havign an au-pair to get cheap sole care for 4/5 hours a day. It is not fair on the au-pair to be given this responsibility, never mind my views on 'cut-price' childcare...

The alternative if they really cannot afford a proper qualified nanny would be to get a VERY experienced au-pair or an unqualified nanny with a good CV. The cost will be more than an au-pair rate but a bit less than a fully qualified nanny.

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