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CM Club: Is there somewhere in red NCMA accident etc book to record...............

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S88AHG · 24/10/2007 13:30

giving Calpol!! First time I ever had to give it!!! Have written permission from parents to give and asked before giving just now but though it was in accident book but only says regular meds?? Any advice greatly received as always

OP posts:
ajj · 24/10/2007 14:00

I have used section 3 (permission to administer short course of med or treatment) in the red accident book.

TwigorTreat · 24/10/2007 14:04

oh ffs .. how OTT

I admire you guys so much for doing this ..

S88AHG · 24/10/2007 14:06

great thanks will do that x

OP posts:
S88AHG · 24/10/2007 14:08

Yes I know OTT but its what we gotta do!!!! We dont make the rules!

OP posts:
nannynick · 24/10/2007 14:17

While this may seem OTT, as a nanny I have to record in detail any medications I give the children (date, time, medication, amount). It's an insurance requirement. So I am not at all surprised that Childminders also have to record whenever medication is administered.

bloodsuckingLOONEY · 24/10/2007 14:46

I know but you know what.......if mum tells me on the phone (actually it's usually email so it's in writing anyway) I can give baby medicine to take high temp down etc. then I do - I should wait over an hour for them to drive home from the city and sign a form but hey ho, it's ME that will get in trouble and I'd rather that than poor baby suffer!! I do get signed after, just don't make a poorly baby wait!


Katymac · 24/10/2007 14:47

I get the regular meds signed then use that for calpol/teething gel etc

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