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How much is a nanny (Nottingham area)

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ellehcim · 24/10/2007 12:35

Having a nightmare. DS1 has been happily in nursery 4 days a week for the past two years. I am currently on mat leave with DS2 and planning to return to work in March. Despite me having registered DS2 when I was first pregnant a whole year ago I have been told this week by the nursery that they are only just doing their intake calculations and they won't be able to take him after all. Can't possibly have them in different nurseries and we would be pushing it trying to find a good nursery to take them both at this late stage so thinking about a nanny.

No idea how much they cost though. Can anyone help?

OP posts:

jura · 24/10/2007 13:04

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nannynick · 24/10/2007 13:06

I would expect that you could find a nanny costing you (so including Employers NI) for around £100 per day, based on a 10-hour day.

Try contacting local agencies to see what daily/weekly rates they feel apply in your area. I looked at Tinies (they have an office in Nottingham) but they only had one job listed, which didn't have any wage detail.

Gumtree Nottingham has an advert from an Approved Nanny who wants £7 per hour, net (so take-home pay after employees Tax/NI deductions), so add about another 25% to that to get a closer hourly cost to you as employer.


nannynick · 24/10/2007 13:08

My costing is based on Live-Out. As Jura says, Live-in will often be less, but you then have someone else staying at your home 24/7.


ellehcim · 24/10/2007 13:23

Thanks guys. We wouldn't really have the space for a live in nanny and would need four days a week.

NannyNick I like the idea of a male nanny for my two boys - are there many of you?

OP posts:

nannynick · 24/10/2007 14:11

Just the one NannyNick

There are more male nannies around these days than there are in the past. For example, I collect a child from school and in the same class, another child also has a male nanny (though he could be an au-pair, I'm not sure). Interestingly both children involved are girls!

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