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*************************Staff Room A K A The Room for Those who are Getting Their Arse Out Of Bed Today***************

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StrawberryMartini · 22/10/2007 07:21

Morning. Tesco's Finest crumpets with organic butter and home-made quince jelly for you hard workers.

OP posts:
Saz73 · 22/10/2007 07:33

Mornin SM, I'm kinda working this morning, doing a favour for someone and looking after her 6yr DD. It was her birthday yesterday and she's arrived with her new Nintendo DS so it might be a quiet morning!!!!

We've got to go out later so hoping I can prise it off her.

Thanks for the crumpets but going to have to refuse starting the Paul Mckenna Think yourself Thin diet, day 2 so trying to stick to it. Off for a healthy bowl of cereal.

Megsdaughter · 22/10/2007 07:37

Can I have some crumpets to take back to bed
Katymac · 22/10/2007 07:40

Do I count ?

I'm poorly & going back to bed

bloodsuckingLOONEY · 22/10/2007 07:49

Do I count....I've got the week off but still have to get up at 5.30/6.30 with ds and I AM working on the OFSTED campaign!!

Megsdaughter · 22/10/2007 07:56

Strawbs it looks like its just you working girl

bloodsuckingLOONEY · 22/10/2007 07:58


StrawberryMartini · 22/10/2007 07:58

NONE of you count by the sounds of it!

OP posts:
mumlove · 22/10/2007 08:00

Morning, yes please I would love some crumpets with butter.
Just the 1 mindee today with DD, I hope some of that sunshine comes out that we have been having.

bloodsuckingLOONEY · 22/10/2007 08:01

But Strawbs....I've been working VERY hard for ALL us childminders

MaureenMLove · 22/10/2007 08:16

I'm working today and tomorrow. Me & mindee are going to make pasta mosaic pictures this morning. We're gonna stick pasta all over a peice of card, then paint it. Might do a rice picture too actually.

Are you sure I can't have marmite this week? I am working afterall.

mumlove · 22/10/2007 09:41

Right, it looks like the sun isn't comming out for us today, but we are still going out for some fresh air (goes off to hunt out the gloves).

MaureenMLove · 22/10/2007 10:03

It's really cold here. My body turns off all non-essential functions when I get cold, so I'm not sure how many hours typing I've got left in me! A delivery man just knocked and when I said its a bit chilly out there isn't it, he nearly said 'yes, its fuc..... I mean, freezing out here! Sofa, blankets, dvd's, hot chocolate and popcorn today I think.

MissInvisible · 22/10/2007 10:04

im working too!, just one full timer for 3 days and two babaies one day each thur and fri.
had row with crappy plasterer this morn, was dead good n told him i was NOT HAPPY with his work, he shouted i told him off for shouting, he apologised, job is still sht but feel better for letting him know i think its sht!..rock ard me!..exept when it comes to saying no to parents!...dd and mindee sat in breakfast room with ALL the art n crafts stuff out, we have glitter everywhere(even in my porridge just now!) and now they want the playdoh NOW..yes the tidying up of the crafts all happens itself if you just tap the side of your nose!

mumlove · 22/10/2007 13:03

I am back and we are eating our lunch, have put the kettle on for a huge mug of coffee, anyone else for one? Also have some lovely belgian choc shortbread to share.
Now I only have to think on what to do after lunch but arts and crafts sounds good.

MaureenMLove · 22/10/2007 13:14

Dh has just returned from B&Q with an oil heater, so we have a huge, but thin, box which will be transformed into a robot within hours! Watch this space!

MaureenMLove · 22/10/2007 13:59

You have GOT to see this robot! It's looking fantastic! I can't stop laughing when mindee is in it! As soon as its finished, we'll take a picture of it for you!

hennipenni · 22/10/2007 14:35

Hennipenni staggers into the staffroom, what a morning and have to repeat it again tomorrow and weds and thurs....

Am bringing in a plentiful supply of marmite next time I get chance to pop in.

How are all the non workers doing today?

LoveMyGirls · 22/10/2007 17:41

Hello all you slackers I've been working hard today, I've been assertive (you remember i sent out a newsletter last week, well today turned up without payment (amongst other things) so i phoned mum and explained it wasn't good enough.

I've been out til about 1, managed to get both lo's asleep (both really played me up last week) and had play dough out this afternoon and all mindee's gone by 5.20!

bloodsuckingLOONEY · 22/10/2007 17:50

I know I was told I'm not welcome but I have been busy today on the OFSTED campaigne.....doesn't that count???!! We've got someone emailing their journalist friend with details, another person from CM Club (not sure if allowed to name?) who's doing something else to help which may end up being published.....I've emailed a few journalists who were in the Media section on Mumsnet....includes The Observer and Panarama. My eyes are all foggy now so thought I'd have a break from that and say hello IF THAT'S OK????

LMGs - well done and sorry I wasn't around earlier. Let us know if the SD says anything at pickup!

MaureenMLove · 22/10/2007 17:56

What a day! I've been making a child sized robot all day! Its not finished yet, but when it is, I will post a picture for you to see.

More jobs to do for a while and then I've made an appointment to phone my oldest friend at 9pm. We'll be on the phone for hours, so we have to clear our diaries. She went out with a bloke we went to school with last night, so I can't wait for the gos!

How'd it go at the docs, Looney? (Will reply, but not for about an hour or so).

bloodsuckingLOONEY · 22/10/2007 18:02

Hiya.....Dr's ok thanks. Having blood test tomorrow to check hormone levels and the results should say how far gone I am. She said if it was twins, this would affect the hormone levels but I still need to wait til 12 weeks til I can have my scan (so if hormone levels show I'm further gone, it COULD mean I'm not but that it's twins if that makes sense). Should take about a week to get results back. Got Midwife booked in for 13th November - will be changed if i'm further gone. do I do about mindees for midwife appointment?

  1. Take them with me and say nothing (they are 10 months and 2.3)

  2. Tell mum I have appointment that morning

  3. Do a sicky

  4. Tell mum what it's all about


    Can't wait to see robot!
mumlove · 22/10/2007 18:03

Mo - I am looking forward to seeing the pics.
Looney - how did it go at the dr's?

mumlove · 22/10/2007 18:04

Looney- you must type a lot faster than me!

bloodsuckingLOONEY · 22/10/2007 18:06
bloodsuckingLOONEY · 22/10/2007 18:07

So...any thoughts on what to do about the appointment?

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