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CHILDMINDERS & PARENTS - step this way.......opinions needed on OFSTED and their paperwork and inconsistancies!!

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bloodsuckingLOONEY · 19/10/2007 22:36

A lot of us on here have moaned away about OFSTED and how they are getting worse and worse. Good childminders all over the country are quitting because they've had enough of the endless paperwork, training etc etc.

I want to get as many opinions as possible and send this thread to OFSTED as I feel very strongly about all this (yeah, yeah, probably hormones but still, felt like this before!)

So.....if you're a childminder....tell me what you think - I know a lot have said but please put on this thread.

Parents - what's more important to you....that we care for your little ones in a home environment, show them love and attention, play with them, take them out in the community etc etc or that we make sure you sign the attendance register, put posters all round the house, have 'wash your hands' signs in the toilet and 'no smoking' signs on all walls of the house, spend time writing endless observations as we go through the day etc etc.

I could have put it a lot better than that but I'm really tired, my eyes are getting blurred! I was going to wait until I was fresh tomorrow but I thought I'd strike whilst I feel so strongly!

ALSO....CHILDMINDERS.....what do you think of the INSPECTORS/INSPECTIONS? Fed up with them all saying different things and making you not know where on earth you stand? Fed up with some inspectors saying they'll never give out an 'Outstanding' grade just because that's them? Fed up with phoning up and being told one thing just to get into trouble for that info not being correct?

Give me all your thoughts as I really do want to send this to OFSTED but we need LOTS of you to come forward!!

Thanks, I'm off for my dinner now

OP posts:
StrawberryMartini · 23/10/2007 19:26

What did Cef say? It's been deleted. .

I was told on my course (v recent) that we do NOT need No Smoking signs in our houses unless we are employing someone as an assistant. Have some of you been told that you need them?

lennygirl · 23/10/2007 19:43

Message withdrawn

bloodsuckingLOONEY · 23/10/2007 21:24

OMG....just got back from EYFS briefing - big row at the end from childminders and parents who were asking how on earth childminders are meant to have time for this on top of everything else - very heated for 20 mins after it should have finished and they were having none of it - what a night!!!

(sorry, not OFSTED related but they can proscecute us if we don't get things spot on from what I was told!) GRRRRRRR I'm not a bad childminder trying to cover myself up like they were saying to some childminders there!!!

OP posts:
bloodsuckingLOONEY · 23/10/2007 21:26

Strawbs - cef had said she worked for bbc television and they were researching why so many childminders are leaving their profession because of the stress of OFSTED (something like that). Maybe she realised she shouldn't have posted or maybe she was an imposter???

OP posts:
Saz73 · 23/10/2007 21:45


I was told on my briefing it's basically all about keeping notes on the children. If you're already doing daily diaries on what they are doing in the day and the progress they are making, then this is more than enough and that we are probably doing more than what nurseries are actually doing and are/will be asked for!! Defo think Ofsted/local councils need some kind of unity in their training. My training never mentioned anything about proscecution and LT we only live 1-2miles away from each other. This just show there lack of training within areas. Are they taking it personal with childminders???? I have several friends working/managing day nurseries who are not feeling the pressure/stress like us childminders are with regard to the EYFS.

bloodsuckingLOONEY · 23/10/2007 21:53

Saz - this briefing was for all groups, childminders etc, was the one at the school just for childminders? It was unclear about prosecution but it certainly rattled a lot of cages. I can't go into much atm as dinner has just arrived ala dh!

CEF - I've just realised that MUMSNET appear to have deleted your post - probably due to you not paying or something!!!! FGS, WE WANT THE STORY!!!! Please contact us via our Facebook group if you are geniune and still interested

OP posts:
love2sleep · 24/10/2007 12:39

Would it be worth putting together a downing street petition to show how many us disagree with the the demands made by ofsted on CMs?

bloodsuckingLOONEY · 24/10/2007 12:48

love2sleep - yep, that's on the list!

We're in contact with a bbc journalist too! I'll keep you posted!

OP posts:
saltire · 24/10/2007 12:51

How do I join that facbook thing then Looney, I'd hate to think you were all talking about me behind my back.

I've had a right bloody carry on today as well, with the NCMA though, not OFSTED. If I ever actually end up as a CM it will be a miracle

bloodsuckingLOONEY · 24/10/2007 12:55 a few posts down!

OP posts:
bloodsuckingLOONEY · 24/10/2007 14:49

Right....this lady from the BBC wants me to phone her - what do I say, where do I start???

OP posts:
dylansaunty · 24/10/2007 15:03

well, If it were me,I would talk about how it is detremental to the care of the children, and not what the parents want. I wouldn't focus on the extra work we have to do, or we could get branded "lazy"

Saz73 · 24/10/2007 15:11

I would talk about the inconsistencies in the inspectors, how it would be nice to have one rule for all cm and for us all not to be told different things when asking them for advice!!

Elk · 24/10/2007 15:42

Ok I'm BAck.

There is already far too much monitoring of our children's 'progress'. As a mother I look after my children, I entertain, teach and love them all at the same time - which is exactly what a good cm does. Children do not need more checks on them they need to be allowed to be children. Writing reports and putting ticks in boxes do not help children to grow and learn, doing things help them do that.

After 15 years of childminding my cm was reported by a disgruntled parent (after this parent had threatened her in her own home). I think some of the inspectors forget that they are looking at a person's home.
One of the complaints was that she allowed the children to share the toys and therefore the children caught colds from each other and another complaint was that she didn't wear shoes!!!! The inspector then had a three hour meeting with her (whilst she was minding 3 children) and told her she should wear shoes at all times! - never mind that two of the children weren't walking yet and that nobody ever wore shoes in her house.

bloodsuckingLOONEY · 24/10/2007 16:32

Don't worry, I won't make us come across as lazy.....that's definitely not what we're doing, we aren't just trying to get out of paperwork are we!!! It's just the system is CRAZY!!

I'm a bit shocked but.....did you know we were in the Daily Telegraph TODAY This BBC person has sent the article to me and I ROFL when I read it - anyone else seen it? Shall I post it on here????

Right, she wants an interview asap so I've just replied to her message and said I'll talk to her but I want her to call me.

OP posts:
StrawberryMartini · 24/10/2007 16:49

Post the link Looney!

mumlove · 24/10/2007 16:52

Post it for us all to see please.

bloodsuckingLOONEY · 24/10/2007 16:52

Strawbs - hamster & risk assessment was mentioned!!!


OP posts:
bloodsuckingLOONEY · 24/10/2007 16:54

Here's a link to the article!

OP posts:
bloodsuckingLOONEY · 24/10/2007 16:56

I never expected anything to happen so quickly. The person at BBC wants to see if we can lobby mps and put pressure on government! They have interviews set up with the national childminders association and a childminder who's fine about any kind of regulations but she says that clearly isnt the picture. She wants to reflect what me and others on mumsnet have been saying about all the red tape and bureaucracy! She's about to put in calls for an interview with the minister for families/early years minister!

OP posts:
starcatcher · 24/10/2007 17:29

As a new to mumsnet and long established cm who has only ever experienced positive inspections I'm amazed at the problems and negativity encountered by some cm.
Inspections are supposed to be standardised, I know some inspectors have their own pet issues but we have the right to appeal if we are not happy with the inspection or report which we can see before it is posted on the web site. We are also inspected as an individual and not compared with other cm's practices in the area. It is not in Ofsted's remit to advise they are regulatory only so I'm not sure why some cm are saying they were told to do something. It is upto us to provide evidence of good practice and how we and the children we care for respond on the day. If any of you are having problems get to know your rights and act on them. The no smoking issue, is of interest, when minded children are not on the premises you can smoke in your own home, but when they are present it then becomes your place of work so the no smoking ban is a legal requirement, maybe it would help if you had a removable noticeboard on which to pin Ofsted required info.

bloodsuckingLOONEY · 24/10/2007 17:53

Just a quicky as have to sort ds.....the comment about the no smoking sign was because someone was told to have one on each wall of their house - removable notice board would therefore we no good. You'd also need a pretty big notice board to be able to fit OFSTED certificate, public liability insurance cert, B23 matters poster, no smoking sign etc....I'm lucky I have a place for my smaller posters on my porch and my B23 poster is in the playroom but a lot of people just don't have the room for ALL of it.

OP posts:
alibubbles · 24/10/2007 18:19

starcatcher, I agree with you. I have only ever had positive Ofsted experiences. I have been minding 21 years and think that Ofsted is a good thing. ( Ducks and runs!)

bloodsuckingLOONEY · 24/10/2007 18:55

OMG ......HELP.....what have I started???? Got BBC local news reporter coming tomorrow at 10am and they plan to air it Friday. I'm scared and wondering if I should back out (personal reasons, on bed rest from Dr)....GULP....what shall I do???!!!

OP posts:
lottiesmummy · 24/10/2007 19:36

wow that was fast

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