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Childminder in Wirral

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typhoonsmum · 18/10/2007 18:53


My DS is 10 weeks old but I am looking into his childcare for when I go back to work in January.
Does anyone know of any good childminders/day nurseries in the Wirral area that they can recommend. The choice seems to be endless and I just want some idea as to who is good and not so good.

OP posts:

Lulumama · 18/10/2007 19:54

n orecommendations, but have you had a a look at the sefton website for childcare ? or is wirral cheshire? sorry, trying ( and failing!) to be helfpul!


Hideehi · 18/10/2007 22:26

Hun i live quite close to you and am struggling to find someone to do a school run for me, would you consider a nanny share ?
My number is 07940 331348
If you're interested we could employ a nanny full time to look after your baby and just pick mine up from 3-6pm and share the costs.


typhoonsmum · 19/10/2007 07:21

Where abouts in the Wirral are you!

OP posts:

Hideehi · 19/10/2007 14:27

Can you call or text i'm just a bit worried about putting even more personal info on here lol


Hideehi · 24/10/2007 19:05

I promise i won't bite, please get in touch if your interested i've found a really nice lady.

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