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Dumb question alert!!!!!!!!!!

3 replies

dmo · 18/10/2007 08:29

how long do you boil an egg so you can drip toast in it?
normally if i try it we end up with boiled eggs

OP posts:
Pixiefish · 18/10/2007 08:31

bring to the boil from cold. When boiling boil for 3 minutes

dmo · 18/10/2007 08:40

thanks pixie

OP posts:
allthatglisters · 18/10/2007 09:14

Another way without timing it is to lift the egg out with a teaspoon and see how quickly the water evaporates off it. If its nearly dry by the time I get it to the table and in the egg cup its about right. You'll get the hang of it after a couple of times.

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