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Quick! What to I do? Need advice before 6.45ish

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TheDuchess · 18/10/2007 07:22

My son has a very bad cold this morning and is finding it hard to feed through the snot. (Sorry)

He is due to go to the childminder this morning. Would I be an overprotective mother if I kept him away? I don't want him to pass on the cold and she has a very young baby of her own. It won't be a problem work wise if I stay at home today, but don't want to present my son as a PFB either.

What do you think? He seems well in himself really. Just v snotty.

OP posts:
TheDuchess · 18/10/2007 07:27


of course I could ring the childminder and ask her. But she is very lovely and might just say bring him in anyway...

OP posts:
belgo · 18/10/2007 07:34

I wouldn' send him to the childminders. Keep him at home.

belgo · 18/10/2007 07:35

It's always best to keep them home of they are ill - it helps them get over it faster ime.

bloodsuckingLOONEY · 18/10/2007 09:44

How lovely, I'm a childminder and have trouble getting parents to collect a baby with a temp of nearly 40 even though that can be dangerous!! Usually they pretend they are ok, drop them off and run to work as fast as they can (not literally). I'd still take your child like that (if he was well in himself) but if you wanted him at home, I'd totally understand! I think it's lovely you're thinking of you childminder, how refreshing

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