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CM CLUB what do you do when your mindees call you mum?

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OFSTEDoutstanding · 16/10/2007 14:29

Hi my ds is 2 and obviously calls me mummy which I of course answer to. However my 2 mindees 18months has started calling me mummy. I respond by saying my name is XXX and then answer the question. The thing is when I am alone with mindees and there is no ds I always say to them say XXX to see if they can say my name which they can. But they always call me mummy unless their mum is there. Am I handling it right. I dont want ds to call me by my real name so how else can I get them to stop calling me mummy

OP posts:
Rubybees · 16/10/2007 14:41

I always use stuff with my name and had the other problem my children calling me XXXXX

So by using can you pass xxxxx the book to read, would you like xxxxx to read you the book, would you like xxxxx to get you a drink ect ect.

hum I can now see why my own children didn't call me mummy lol (they do BTW just a few hicups)

hennipenni · 16/10/2007 14:46

I have one mindee who did this frequently, I just used to say "I'm ". Mindee doesn't do it as frequently now but has been known on many occasions to call me mum infront of her mum. I thought mum might have been upset but she says she must be relaxed and at home with me to call me mum, which I thought was a nice way of handling it.

alison222 · 16/10/2007 17:46

They do know who their real mum is as they don't call you mummy when she is there.
Its difficult you just have to keep repeating your name all the time and they will get it eventually.
I am beign currently called by my name, mummy and various teachers names by both my mindees and my own children (although they have never tried calling me by my name - or when they did I told them not to it was a very short lived thing for them)

I answer anyway but do gently correect them

LoveMyGirls · 17/10/2007 07:40

I say i'm not mummy i'm xxxx, then i get dd2 calling me xxxx......i'm sure they'll get the hang of it eventually

MaureenMLove · 17/10/2007 08:12

Under 2's, I just correct and move on.

Over 2's, I call them by my dd's name and they say, I'm not xx and I say and I'm not mum! And usually we then spend several hours calling each other the wrong name! Oh so much fun to be had in the Mo household!

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