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What can I buy my DD for her 5th birthday?

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ziopin · 16/10/2007 10:00

She wants a bike, but I am already planning with Santa on that one!

She has also for a Barbie doll! She had a few Barbies and Brats dolls but never plays with them.

Any suggestion?

OP posts:
fuzzlepelts · 16/10/2007 13:33

dolls house? Early learning Centre one is much loved in our house!

bagpuss · 16/10/2007 13:39

Sylvanian Families or playmobil? Dressing up clothes also go down well here as do things related to Baby Born, Annabel or Chou Chou.

Rubybees · 16/10/2007 14:50

oh I've just picked up a charlie and lola book set from the book people lovely gift! Erm kitchen, arts and craft, play doh, dvd thats it lol

cleaninglady · 16/10/2007 15:51

my dd is a bit older (was 6 a couple of weeks ago) but betty spaghetti was a massive favourite and i much prefer it to barbie and bratz dolls anything crafty always a good idea!!! polly pocket is a favourite although a complete pain with the little tiny pieces.....

eleusis · 16/10/2007 16:21

a new nanny? Not an old one!!

powerkitty · 16/10/2007 19:31

Get her something crafty. Those card making sets that come in a little tin box are great. Try Borders they have a great selection.

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