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CM CLUB:done this before i think?..what would you be wearing?

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MissInvisible · 15/10/2007 20:10

mindee dropped off at 6am, collecting 10pm..would you be dressed in day clothes at both times or not? and what?..want my p.j's on and could barely see to find triousers and top this morn after up all night with dd.

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bloodsuckingLOONEY · 15/10/2007 20:22

I'm dressed when I start at 6.45 however if I was asked to start at am, I would tell them ok but I'll be in my pj's at drop off. As for 10pm collection, I'd be in my pj's and dressing gown if not just to prove a point about ho bloomin late it is!!!


bloodsuckingLOONEY · 15/10/2007 20:23

If I was asked to start at 6am


Megsdaughter · 15/10/2007 20:37

Get into your PJ's woman for god sake, or you will make the rest of us feel like wanton CM's cos we would be


Rubybees · 15/10/2007 22:38

oh I would be in my clothes!! sorry there no way anyones checking out my pj's


maximummummy · 15/10/2007 23:09

yeah a chavvy ole tracksuit for pick up


maximummummy · 15/10/2007 23:09

with slippers


maximummummy · 15/10/2007 23:10

and rollers


MissInvisible · 16/10/2007 08:23

LOL, i went for p'j's with dp's huge warm dresign gown on when she arrived, this morn i was dressed but no make up and hair scraped back..cant be arsed with these, im sooo tired, you cant switch off like you do when your own go to bed and then back up at 5.30 again this morn..why they couldnt leave the child here to sleep i dont know!(well obv down to money, but why disturb at 10pm then wake up at 5.30 to bring back here???madness!

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