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CM cards?

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Earthymama · 15/10/2007 12:24

What would you think is the most effective wording for a business card?

I thought

Registered Childminder
Any Village, Any County

Happy, home-based care for your child

Please contact me on Mob, email

CSIW Registered childminder may be able to help solve your childcare dilemma.
Based in the small community of AnyVillage I can pick up from AnyVillage primary, Ysgol Pentrefol.
Located near A467, easy access to M4, close to bus and rail routes to AnyCity/AnyBigCity

What do you think?

OP posts:

MaureenMLove · 15/10/2007 12:36

That seems an awful lot for a business card. Mine simply has my logo at the top, my name with registered cm underneath it. My home, mobile & email address. All centred underneath each other. Then reg No in one corner and council reg no in the other.

I'm thinkig you don't really mean business card? More of a notice to put up somewhere/everywhere? In which case, it sounds perfect!


Megsdaughter · 15/10/2007 12:39

Same as Mo but no Reg number,t canbe used to defraud tax credits.

Little is better than overpowering parents.


MaureenMLove · 15/10/2007 12:59

Good point. I only actually give it out to parents that are going to use me, so that they have a little credit card sized info card, they can slip in their purse or wallet.


Megsdaughter · 15/10/2007 13:05

I'm free with my favours

I had mine printed just for P&P from vista print.

I leave them everywhere including on car windows in P&T car parking places.


Earthymama · 15/10/2007 13:11

No I do mean business card, am really verbose person, never know when to shut up!!
So how about

Registered Childminder
Any Village, Any County

Happy, home-based care for your child

Please contact me on Mob, email

With a nice logo?

Would the extra info be ok on a website or small leaflet? I've been a word of mouth person until but will be at the job centre soon if things don't pick up!!

I've seen the Vista site I'll give it a try.

OP posts:

Earthymama · 15/10/2007 13:12

PS I know what you mean about overbearing parents..the kids are usually fine!!

OP posts:

MaureenMLove · 15/10/2007 13:20

Much better!

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