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CM club Help please

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Earthymama · 15/10/2007 10:21

How many hours would you charge for this childcare:-
Mon 8.10 to 5
Thurs 11.15 to 4.45
Fri 8.10 to 5.30

These are the parents who had booked 4 full 8-6 days, place held open without retainer since June. It's DP's DN. Now started at uni/work and don't want to the hours. We agreed it on the childcare claim form which I signed in July but don't have a copy of. I'm gutted as I've turned people away AND given up my Fridays,(am full time care for mother)

To non CMs, I can only look after 3 under 8s at any one time so in effect each child has a 'place'. I might get someone who wants Tues and Weds, thereby filling 1 'place' each week, but not 8 to 11 on Thurs!

PS by the way they are lovely and child is fab, so really want to do this but think it is perceived as aunty's little hobby whereas I nedd to pay the bills!!

Would you say 3 full days?

OP posts:
hennipenni · 15/10/2007 10:28

I would definatly say 3 full days, you are very unlikely to sell your space between 8-11 on thursdays.

Earthymama · 15/10/2007 10:37

Cheers HP. Can I ask do you mean 8-6 as full day?

Can anyone suggest a way of explaining it to parents?

Should I say:-
Each day is 2 sessions, 8am-1pm, 1pm-6pm
If your hours take up over an hour of either session it must be paid for in full?

OP posts:
hennipenni · 15/10/2007 10:39

I tell my parents that they pay per hour, so start at 8.10 they pay from 8am, collect at 5.30 they pay till six.

Fireflyfairy2 · 15/10/2007 10:44

Surely if she is a student & you are a registered childminder she will get her childcare paid for?

If so then she shouldn't mind if you charge full days for the child.

fwiw I am a student too. My childminder has my ds today from 9am to 4pm [I pay her to 5pm]

Tomorrow I am off so no charge.

Wednesday she will have him from 8.30 until 12.00 [I pay her from 8am to 12.00]

Thursday she will have him from 9am to 3.30 [I pay her to 5pm]

And I am off on Friday.

On the days I pay her to 5pm I have the option of going to the library after lectures etc... on the Wednesday it is my choice to pick him up at 12.00 as I will then pick dd up at school & spend that afternoon with them.

I don't have lectures until 12noon today or Thursday but I found that in my 1st year at uni ds was far too mixed up to be dropped off at 12 & picked up 1t 3 etc.... it worked better for us & the c/minder if she has him all day. He is more settled, she knows what way her days are structured & can plan better & I also have the added bonus of more library/internet time so that I can give ds & dd more attention when I am home

Earthymama · 15/10/2007 10:45

And the later start day? Sorry to go on but it was really hard to explain that a) I felt really let down as I was expecting 40 hrs pw, b) had held place open for them since July with no money, c)it's not a hobby it's my job!!

Obviously with it being family there are massive implications if I am perceived as being money grabbing but it's been a real blow to my plans and my day to day living.

I need to look at the advice on MN re advertising etc, but first I' going to get a cuppa and some toast.

OP posts:
Fireflyfairy2 · 15/10/2007 10:45

I should add that I don't get my childcare paid for as I get a grant & they say dh's wages are borderline

Fireflyfairy2 · 15/10/2007 10:47

I would ask her to bring the child at 9 on the later day... say it makes it easier for you to plan the day.

What if you had to go out for the morning? Say a group from 10am til 12? You would have to miss it to be there for drop off time.

I think my ds is far more settled last year & this year as he knows where he is all day rather then me dropping at c/minder, going to uni for 2 hours & picking him up.

C/minder feels more like his minder now rather than a babysitter. Ds wasn't getting to know the other mindees either as he wasn't there for v.long.

So now he goes to c/minder 3 days a week & this suits us all.

Earthymama · 15/10/2007 10:49

That's what we agreed in July, her mother came down with her and we filled in the forms.

I would hold a place open on 4 days so that if she had to do any extra studying she would be free to do so. But now she's got a place with her DP and they don't want to fulfil our agreement.

I signed the form but didn't put any of my own stuff in place as it's family and there's no need is there?

OP posts:
Fireflyfairy2 · 15/10/2007 10:51

I think it might all come down to money.

Do they get childcare paid for them or will it be up to them to pay you?

Earthymama · 15/10/2007 10:57

Their childcare is paid for......that's what I had to sign, to say when I was having the child for 40 hours. Can you see why I'm a little peeved?

OP posts:
Fireflyfairy2 · 15/10/2007 11:00

But will you not still get paid for 40 hours if the form is already filled in & sent away?

I know last year when dd went to an afterschools I said she was going every day (I did think she was) but in the end she just went 3 days.

As I got help with that at the time I rang the education board & said she was just going 3 days. They said to amend it this year!! Which meant the after schools club got paid for 5 days when they just had dd 3 days.

I'm sure someone done something wrong along the way there, but I did my part by calling & letting them know!!

I guess what I'm saying is, maybe you will get paid 40 hours but have the child less hours?

Fireflyfairy2 · 15/10/2007 11:00

fewer hours

Earthymama · 15/10/2007 11:05

That's what I thought but the money goes to parent not straight to me and they only want to pay for the times I set out below...even down to not paying til 8.10!!

OP posts:
MaureenMLove · 15/10/2007 15:50

3 full days - defo. You've put yourself out for this family, you can't fit anyone else in around a Thursday.

LoveMyGirls · 15/10/2007 15:55

Yes I would charge for 3 full days.

Fireflyfairy2 · 15/10/2007 16:11

Tell them the contract has to stand or they will have to look for someone else.

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