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Ideas for Extra Income for an after school Nanny

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NurseyClaire · 12/10/2007 08:41

I'm starting a job in West London as an after school nanny / housekeeper. I'll be doing housework from 1-3 and then working into the evening, but I need extra income as this salary alone isn't going to cover the rent!

I have applied to a couple of dog walking companies, but I don't have experience. I'm going round cafes with my CV but I'd prefer to do something in the home.....

Anyone have experience of juggling jobs like this and have a bright idea? Selling everything I own on ebay might be the next step if I don't find anything!


OP posts:

frannikin · 12/10/2007 08:56

Do you like ironing? Ironing from home can be a neat little earner if you like it and are good at it. Could you find a job as a before school nanny or clean in the mornings?


eleusis · 12/10/2007 09:22

Could you find someone who needs someone come in and do the morning school run. Maybe a working mum who needs you to arrive at 7:00am and get them dressed, fed, and off to school. I suppose this would be a nanny share, but it must exist in W London.

Can I ask where in W london you live, and where the existing job is?


eleusis · 12/10/2007 09:23

Oh sorry, fannikin, you already suggested a before school nanny.


SofiaAmes · 12/10/2007 09:30

When I lived in West London, I used a girl who was an afternoon nanny as a morning nanny. My ds was in nursery at west acton primary and they only did 2.5 hours and then he went to the afterschool club. So I needed coverage for the morning. Nanny would come in the morning and then take ds to nursery and dd to childminder for afternoon and continue on to her afternoon nannying job. I'm sure there are lots of people looking for similar. Advertise on


Millarkie · 12/10/2007 09:44

I used to employ a before-school nanny (in West London) so there is a market for it - you could try looking in SImply Childcare (think it's free or very cheap for nannys)

Other than that could you persuade your employers to think about nanny-sharing - ie. finding another family with a baby who you could look after during the day and then have both lots of kids from after-school to pick up time.
I had a nannyshare with a teacher's family at one point which was fab because the amount of overlap was small ie. both school age and baby at breakfast, baby only during school hours, school pick up, baby pick up and then my kids only in the late afternoon...and baby didn't need childcare during school hols. Drawback of that plan is that I doubt you'll be able to do 2 hours worth of housework each day.

Can I ask why you want this particular job if it has unusual hours and won't pay you enough?


nannyj · 12/10/2007 15:23

Are you working full time in the school holidays? Are there not any full time jobs around in your area that would suit you better? I've just been job hunting and it definately seemed a nannies market.


NurseyClaire · 13/10/2007 20:22

Well... I just need an extra £80 or so a week. Ironing is a definite possibility - I'm thinking of advertising at the school. People that don't need a nanny may well want some housework done. Though I lived in my last flat for 6 months and only got the iron out once! Eep........

I just applied for a before school nanny and they wanted me to do 7 days a week. Huh!
Gumtree has been great though there aren't really many morning nannies. I think I'll apply to local nurseries too and see if they need anyone to cover the morning shifts - I know a lot of toddlers will go only for a morning, so they should be busier then.

I really get on with this family and feel like it'll be a great way for me to build up experience as a nanny without getting stressed.

I've been working in a nursery where the manager swears in front of 1 year olds, I'm frequently left alone or with too many children, and I'm only Level 2 and my CRB hasn't come through yet - on one occasion when the room leader was getting a pedicure out the back from our other colleague! I'm happy to be leaving, frankly, and to find a family I get on with so well, I'm breathing a sigh of relief!

We're near Ravenscourt Park, Eleusis, am I right in thinking you're out Richmond way?

OP posts:

eleusis · 16/10/2007 16:49

A bit passed Richmond, actually. Sunbury.

I think what you are doing sounds like a good plan. It won't be long before you can be choosey about which job you want. Good luck.


Anna8888 · 16/10/2007 16:57

Housework/ironing might be less stressful and a bit later in the day than getting up to do early morning nanny duties .

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