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How do handle the changeover from current AP to new one?

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happynappy · 11/10/2007 15:58

My lovely au pair, who is our first, has decided to move on. We're lucky as she's been v good and is sensibly telling us now that she wants to leave next August 08. Two dilemmas: eldest DD (5.5) was initially horrid to AP when she came to us 8 months ago but now loves her, how do we help her adjust to fact AP is leaving? Second, I was still on maternity leave when we first set up the AP arrangement and will be working when she moves on and want to know how other mumsnetters advise handling the search, recruitment and settling in of new AP into our routines and befriend eldest DD with minimum of trauma?

OP posts:

mummypoppins · 11/10/2007 17:03

Honest answer...........take a week off work and show her how it is done or have a week handover between them..........former is the best option of the 2.

have tried all sorts of ways over the years and this is by far the best!



ingles2 · 11/10/2007 17:34

Have to admit I take time off to show them....but if this is not possible and you think old AP is a good role model have them both for a week....Don't worry about DD too much my ds's very blase about ap's coming and going now...also AP's usually bring presents! Have a couple of small pressies on standby just incase... it's amazing what a little bribe will do!


ingles2 · 11/10/2007 17:36

Also, thorough checks, write a handbook and a contract!


Squiffy · 11/10/2007 18:00

Set new AP with different treats to give DD for first week - eg baking cakes with DD on first 'proper' day, going to park/pool on 2nd day and so on..
Regarding recruitment I'd search this site from say May onwards - every months or so a thread pops up about someone having to let a fab AP go... other than that you will probably have to recruit via or something..

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