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do you pay a retainer for the school holidays?

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SallyOak · 10/10/2007 15:57

Hi, i am trying to decide on a child minder for my DS. i was just wondering how many of you pay a retainer for the school holidays and if this was common practice. advice from parents or child minders would be greatfully recieved!

OP posts:
bloodsuckingLOONEY · 10/10/2007 16:00

I'm a CM and haven't had situation where I need to charge that yet but yes, it's normal for those CMs who know it will be very hard to get 'school holiday only' work, otherwise she could have waited for an enquiry from someone who wants before/after school care AND holidays iyswim. Sure someone will be along who can tell you more about this

Lawrene8 · 10/10/2007 16:07

I've only ever had 1 CM (and still got her) but she doesn't charge for school holidays as long as you tell her in advance that your dc will not be there.

CeciC · 10/10/2007 23:36

Hi SallyOak,
I pay holidays to my CM, even though when my DD1 has school holidays, and then DD2 doesn't go to the CM as usually PIL or my parents come to babysit, as neither of them live locally, and is a chance for them to be wiht the two girls.
With my first CM used to be half the rate for mine/her holidays. With my current CM I don't pay when she goes on holidays.
I think paying for the holidays is standard practice, and if you DS was going to a nursery, you would have to pay even though you went on holidays.

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