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Problems getting mindees

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Mum2Luke · 09/10/2007 19:42

Hi there, I'm just wondering if any of you childminders have problems filling your places.

I live in Tameside, Greater Manchester and there seems to be a shortage of children to mind due to too many childminders already available and new ones being registered more or less all the time which leads to too much supply and not enough demand.

I had a lady last week come after ringing, she said she like me etc and then rings to say she is having another minder not far which turns out to be a childminder I know as she bought the little girl to tots! I'd not had a call for months and I was devastated when she rejected me. I am losing the 19 mth old in january as his mum is having a new baby, I'll be then down to one and one wage of £40pw for myself to buy clothes etc out of.

I am fed up, if I don't get any more work I'll have to try and get a job which means trying to afford a childminder for my own 5 yr old. If anyone lives in Tameside, Greater Manchester and needs a childminder - phone CIS 0161 3425434!

OP posts:

nannynick · 09/10/2007 22:04

Sorry to hear things are not going well.
Did the lady who visited say why they didn't choose you? Did your friend mention anything? For example... was your friend nearer location wise, was your friend cheaper, did your friend offer different contract terms (such as payment for holidays). Getting this kind of feedback could be helpful.


maximummummy · 09/10/2007 22:13

i think this is a nationwide problem mum2luke -
in my area (south west) more and more childminders are being trained and registered all the time and us current minders are already having problems filling our places
i imagine it's some sort of government drive as it has been promised that there will be childcare available to all perhaps even if they don't want it !

NANNYNICK - do you know if this is the case (you being the font of all knowledge of legislation etc !!!!!!)


nannynick · 09/10/2007 22:19

Not being a local - I didn't know where Tameside wasy. So I went to ChildcareLink and typed it in - not found. Typed in Manchester, got a list of places, but no Tameside. Googled it... and now have a better idea of location.
If you are using Tameside in any adverts, I would suggest putting more location detail on... such as Hyde (Tameside), Denton (Tameside) etc.

What advertising have you tried?


nannynick · 09/10/2007 22:25

I expect (though don't know for sure) that local authorities are always being encouraged to increase the number of childcare places available in their area. However those places should be sustainable... long term. Think it may have been in the Every Child Matters report.


MissInvisible · 09/10/2007 22:34

get an ad on netmums and other paretning sites, even for babysitting and advertise weekends/overnights anything to get you started, ask local schools to put your poster up?.


1dilemma · 10/10/2007 00:38

Agree with others.
Ask CIS to put which schools you will pick up from and drop off at on their list they send out.


Mum2Luke · 10/10/2007 13:21

get an ad on netmums and other paretning sites, even for babysitting and advertise weekends/overnights anything to get you started, ask local schools to put your poster up?.

I've actually been a Registered Childminder for 5 yrs, I have my own 5 yr old and the 4 yr old I pick up so I cannot take to other schools or pick up as they all finish at 3 pm.

I am also NVQ Level 3 qualified, I charge £3.50 per hour/£25 per day which i think is not expensive. The excuse the woman gave was her husband 'couldn't be bothered walking a 5-10 min walk from where they live' and then when I see the little girl with my friend I was fed up. Why couldn't the woman be straight and say that she had already placed her child with someone else?

I just cannot afford to go out to work, we don't get Working Families Tax Credit to help with paying for childcare and I don't have family near. I advertise my vacancies in the school where my son is and I am on the CIS childcarelink website, I don't know what else I can do short of going out with a sandwich board!

OP posts:

loveheart77 · 10/10/2007 20:34

i am finding it hard myself i live in a small area in the northwest.i dont get any phonecalls any more i think me not driving is a big factor as i have to walk everywere.there are more and more cm all the time now.i look after a 2 year old,3 year old and 4 after school and its only just paying a wage.


chankins · 10/10/2007 20:40

We seem to be having the same issues in our area - there was tons of work and now there is hardly any and everyone has places to fill. I'm on mat leave at mo and need to find work for January - starting to panic about getting any as more and more CMs pop up around here! I would ask any parents who reject you for their reasons - make sure they know it is not you being funny but you just want to improve your service. Go out and about with a badge on, hand out business cards to everyone at tots groups etc - At the moment I drop the fact I am a CM into every conversation I have! Good luck.


Megsdaughter · 10/10/2007 20:44

I got some free business cards from Vista print you just pay &p. go to the local supermarket and put them on cars that are in P7T spaces, and any other that you see with car seats.

Do you offer meals, if not think about it.

Make u complete welcome pack I buy 20 page plastic wallets. In it is my handbook, policies, contracts a copy of my Ofsted report, relevant certs (Insurance, ofsted, Ncma all photocopies) a few photos of what we do.

All my new parents have been dead impressed with it, they have something to always refer to, cost me 2.50 to produce and looks really professional.

It gives you that edge on others.


Kiddi · 10/10/2007 22:08

You could try setting up a website. I paid loads for mine but my mate has used her free blueyounder webspace for her site. I have had loads of enquireies and whilst they are not always ones I can do, you can always pass them on to others you know who can do, and they then pass any back that may not be their areas, times , schools, etc.
Get business cardds and stick them up everywhere, playareas, hairdressers, newsagents, some are free. CHIP SHOPS they never charge, sandwich shops. If you haveno business cards, do a quick but good loooking A5 advert on a computer keep colours simple to save on imk, but out them everywhere, you may not find you get calls from them , but experience has shown me that it helps parents recognise your name, or business name so when they go on FIs.childcare link they know you are local, proactive in your business etc GOOD LUCK


1dilemma · 10/10/2007 23:13

Just curious as to how you advertise at schools I have never had anythign from the schol about childminders (but am very new to this whole school lark)
Can you put up a notice at 1 o'clock clubs?
One thing I think is really lacking is people prepared to take children short-term, ad hoc, few hours etc. Basically to give Mums a break/allow haircuts hospital appointments etc Have you thoughtabout offering that? Might lead to some better hours.

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