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Should I be doing obs

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mum2oliver · 05/10/2007 21:21

Iv been a childminder for 2 years.Iv only ever looked after close friends children.I now want to use this time whilst my children are still at home to get quallified so in time I can go work in a pre-school setting.
We have to show some work on record keeping of observations.
Should I be doing these as a childminder?
Is it a chosen thing or a must?
Iv only had one inspection and that was after 6 months.I wont have another for2 years.

OP posts:
sarahnev707 · 05/10/2007 22:28

When you start with the EYFS next September you will have to do obs - then planning - then obs again, so you plan for child's interests and next steps by observing them first
Between now and then it's good practice to put some paperwork in place - but most people are quite rightly waiting for courses and advice from local authorities
Hope this helps!

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