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MPV.Best one please???

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mum2oliver · 05/10/2007 21:09

I have a renault scenic and found out today from the road traffic officer that it is not adviced to take out or deacitvate the passenger airbag so I now have to think about swapping it for something with more seats as I already 2kids of my own.
Any advice?
I think I would get around £4,000 and CANNOT soend anymmore.
I have looked at car sale websites but I think its a good idea to see what chilminders think.

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StudentMadwife · 05/10/2007 22:01

I would say a picasso is a fab mpv and you get a good car for your money

mum2oliver · 05/10/2007 22:10

Totally totally against citroesn Im afraid....bad experience.x

OP posts:
StudentMadwife · 05/10/2007 22:14

ford galaxy....vauxhall safira/mereva...?
Although I looked at the safia and wasnt particularly impressed with how basic it looks inside.

bloodsuckinglooney · 06/10/2007 10:53

I love my VW Sharon. Did loads of research before getting it, really wanted something with sliding doors but then other things weren't as good so I went for the Sharon and I LOVE it. Mine has no airbag in the front so aswell as the 5 in the back, I can use the front too.

tigersmum · 06/10/2007 11:02

I love my Mazda MPV a full 7 seats and a boot.I have a chipped mazda kiddie seat that can go in the front and switches off the air bag so a full 6 child friendly seats.

bloodsuckingLOONEY · 06/10/2007 11:04

Just wanted to say wow about the chipped seat and airbag - that's amazing!

S88AHG · 07/10/2007 21:14

I have a 04 reg Fiat Ulysse has 8 seats does have airbag in front but 8 seats is alot. Has electric sliding doors which work off the key ideal if you are carrying babies!!!! Have had Zafira, and Galaxy and this is by far my fave I love it alot. Have got an automatic diesl one, I know I know its lazy but good in school run traffic, easy to park and no banging of doors when littleies get in and out!! Good luck I hate car shopping, its the only kind of shopping i do hate X

Ghostashoshabuster · 07/10/2007 21:28

I bought a Mazda Bongo this weekend, just for work seats, diesel automatic, sounds like a tank, and is brilliant, all mt seats fit in, I can put a double, single and seat2go in the boot as well as all the bags.

I had a zafira but found it to difficult to get the little ones into the back seats, but it was a great car.

Ghostashoshabuster · 07/10/2007 21:29

M2O paid £4000.00 for mine its a import.

CBW · 09/10/2007 22:59

We've got a Fiat Multipla. 2 rows of 3 seats - the middle seat in the back is proper full size width. You can turn off the airbag in the front if you want to.

kindersurprise · 09/10/2007 23:18

CBW, how do you find the Multipla to drive? WE looked at them recently but I was unsure as it looked rather wide.

Not that it makes any difference as our old car didn't sell. Bloody ebay.

BadHair · 09/10/2007 23:34

I was in exactly the same boat as you and traded my Scenic for a Mk1 Galaxy. I utterly love it but the only gripe I have is that the middle back seat only has a lap belt not a three pointer, so ds1 has to go in the very back row, but he's quite happy with that.
Galaxy, Sharan and Alhambra are basically the same car but the Galaxy has been updated more frequently and the Sharan is more expensive to insure. For a guide price, my 1999 Galaxy cost £3k in July this year.

holeyguacamoley · 09/10/2007 23:42

I have a zafira which you could get second hand for theat price, I like it, it's compact to drive and corner but has the right amount of seats. My only drawback is that the middle seats can only move altogether like a bench so fixed carseats cannot be put there or in the front seat which has an airbag that cannot be deactivated like most volkswgens. This means putting fixed carseats in the very back which means that when i've dropped my bigger kids at school the baby is very far away. Good points are price and the seating is really veratile, if you have no kids for the day you can go to ikea with a storage area the size of a small transit van when they are all folded down. Have driven the ford galxy, the middle seats folded independently which was handier for car seat fitting bit didn't fold away so easy, had great storage cubbies but I thought it giant and tricky to handle because of it's size. Ps thaey all have tiny boots when all the seats are used. you need a roofbox for your holidays! hope this helps.

Squiffy · 10/10/2007 10:56

Mazda5 or Ford SMax

We have the Mazda and luuurve the sliding rear doors - brilliant when you are in tight parking spaces and have older children who are apt to yank the doors open.

We will however switch to an SMax when we change cars it is that little bit bigger which is invaluable if you are using the third row of seats on a regular basis.

CBW · 12/10/2007 10:21

kinder surprise the Multipla looks wider than it is - about 6 inches wider than a normal car. It was kinda scary at first but I'm used to it now. I like being slightly higher up and I love the good visibility because there is so much glass/windows.

rainbow71 · 12/10/2007 11:41

Hi, I have an automatic VW Sharon and it's brill my only complaint is the lap seatbelt only in the middle seat of the middle seats which is fine if you have an under 4. The other thing is it guzzles petrol, I don't know whether this is because it's an automatic or if these cars are petrol guzzlers. It is very sturdy high up and can seat 7 adults easily, so very spacious for kids. Great to drive and makes you feel very safe. Front seat has an airbag but have been told this can be taken out for around £20 and can be re-installed for around the same price. Hope this helps, happy shopping.

Mum2Luke · 12/10/2007 13:31

I have a VW Sharan diesel 1.9 and I love it, again I would like a 3point seatbelt in the middle instead of just the lap but you can't have everything.

It goes for miles and doesn't drink the fuel like the petrol version. I have a full no claims and it was £350 to insure this year and doesn't cost anymore for my childminding business either.

I usually put the 2 older children in the very back on boosters and have the baby in the second row of seats. I take his seat out when I don't have him.

I would buy a newer version of mine with the 7 seatbelts and the seats with a pull-out back of the seat which has a 5point belt.

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