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CM CLUB - advice AGAIN about updating sickness policy....what do you think of this????

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bloodsuckinglooney · 03/10/2007 15:27


Well, a lot of you know why I'm asking about sickness policy and a lot know that I've decided to do a firm bit in my newsletter and update the sickness policy and get parents to sign. Well.....I asked for advice at ds's nursery and another mindee's pre-school to find out their policy. Nursery said they send the child straight to the office to wait for collection, the pre-school said........get this.........they charge if parents don't collect within x amount of time. This pre-school manager is MUCH more assertive than me and well....good on her! She said the only way to get some parents to do what they are supposed to is by hitting them where it the wallet

I'm going to ask in the nursery section what the sickness procedures are to get some idea's but just curious what others think about this charging if don't collect?

Also......she said that with a temperature that high (although having said that, the temp was the night before and near pickup time anyway but still....she clearly wasn't well), baby would have been at risk of febrile convulsions and she would have no problem saying to a parent 'collect or I'm calling an ambulance'.

God, why can't I be that assertive?!

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bloodsuckinglooney · 03/10/2007 19:36


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Katymac · 03/10/2007 19:38

I'm not sure about charging but do you want my policy?

bloodsuckinglooney · 03/10/2007 19:41

Yeah....after being on the nurseries section I don't think I want to either BUT I did like the idea, just to annoy these parents

I'd LOVE your policy hunny, would you pretty please email it to info @ helens little angels dot co dot uk??

Oh....did you read the update in the staff room? but about poor baby

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Katymac · 03/10/2007 19:46


bloodsuckinglooney · 03/10/2007 19:52

Thanks, will have a look when it comes through

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kickassangel · 03/10/2007 20:00

dd's nursery were 'stricter' with under 2s.
if it was d&v. vomiting, conjuctivitus or anything contagious (e.g. chickenpox) they had to go home. it never occurred to me not to go immediately.
over 2 a bit more willing to keep them e.g bad cold & slight temp they would deal with but d&v an absolute no-no
i actually wished they would call me sooner if dd was ill, but she just carried on playing happily even when not well!

bloodsuckinglooney · 04/10/2007 10:05

Thanks for that, if only all parents were like you!

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