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Ghostashoshabuster · 03/10/2007 07:07

Half way through the week already!

Swimming day, so its a really relaxing day, hope my helper dosnt let me down this week.

Lovely lady who lives over the road, does it on a purely volunteer basis and I am grateful believe me, but does tend to say at he last minute she cant come, (which means we cant go as its two children per adult and I have three).

You wouldnt think it would be so hard to find a helper, I have advertised everywhere, I pay for them to go swimming, They dont have to change children, just be in the water, ideally would be good to have someone with 1 child so they get something out of it as well, but cant get anybody interested

OP posts:
MaureenMLove · 03/10/2007 07:33

Morning. I hate, hate, hate swimming! Can't bare it. I would rather poke red hot pokers into my eyeballs! I can do it, I'm a very good swimmer, but I can't stand the warm damp feeling of the changing roooms and don't like getting my body out either. I look anorexic, yuk!

I'm doing birthday things today. Making cake, getting pressies etc. Sheis either going to have a makeup bag cake or a shopping bag. I will of course upload when done.

I've got to go for a blood test first today, after school run, so I'm starving and desparate for a cup of tea!

Katymac · 03/10/2007 07:35


Trying to get all my B23 documented so when OFSTED come about the nursery (on Friday)they can see it.

Plus the children have asked for new sticker photos to go up - so I have to choose print & laminate all of them

mumlove · 03/10/2007 08:00

Morning just having a coffee before mindees arrive.
I don't like having blood taken and even more not having a coffee in the morning, hope it all goes well.

VooJu · 03/10/2007 08:01

Morning all !

Unexpected early shift today, gawd we CMs are flexible aren't we ?

Hope you all have a good day, and that the rain keeps off during the school runs

LoveMyGirls · 03/10/2007 08:03

Awwww MML - it will soon be over! symathise about lack of tea though!

Shosha - fingers crossed for you, have a fab time

KM - Hope things go ok.

Im trying to get dd2 to give up her dummy it's not going well she will whinge and cry for ages (approx 45mins) if not given it, obviously once i've said no i have to stick to it, im letting her have it for bedtimes but the constant whinge and crying for it is starting to grate now.

I'm half hoping i get a phonecall today, had a lady come to see me yesterday about looking after a 5mth old (until he's 1) full time, can't afford to turn her away so hoping she calls me back today but otoh i doubt i will get a variation so if i take baby on i will have to give notice to the pt child i have (she only does 3hrs a day and mum will be going on mat leave soon) What would you do in this situation?

SpooKAYsamuels · 03/10/2007 08:04

Morning all. My visit went well the other day I think, visiting again to do contracts.

I am gonna try and get some nvq work done today, there is a workshop tonight 6-8 but I don't finish minding til 7! Gonna try and dash in though as I can get 2 units signed off if I do.

SpooKAYsamuels · 03/10/2007 08:06

LMG, hope it works out for you, as for part timer I would cross that ridge when it comnes to it, hopefully there wouldn't be much difference in full timer starting and part timers mums maternity leave.

MaureenMLove · 03/10/2007 09:21

I know this sounds a bit mean LMG, but DD gave her dummies up on Christmas day. She was 2. Since this is going to be a magical christmas for a 2 year old, it might work for you. I hyped her up beyond believe about Father Christmas and said that if she left all her dummies out on Christmas Eve, he would leave her lots of pressies! My thinking was, she'd be soo exhausted by the end of Christmas day, with so much going on, she wouldn't notice too much. It worked! The sweetest thing was (and it still brings a tear to my eye!) was we went to a playgroup Xmas party before Christmas and Father Christmas was there giving out pressie and she gave him her dummy!

looneytune · 03/10/2007 09:39

Morning all

Just me and older sister mindee atm

MML - good luck with the blood test, I've had a few recently and hate it as they can never get any blood without big problems plus I'm scared of needles. But what's this about no tea??? I've always just carried on eating and drinking as usual

SpooKay - well done

LMGs - we've already chatted about your ft enquiry, just see what happens and then decide. As for the dummies, I was going to recommend the fairies take them away as I know my sister said this worked for her but I can also see Mo's idea is a good one. With ds it was amazingly easy in the end, just took them away and that was that. Trying to remember what bribe we used though will have to check with dh.

MaureenMLove · 03/10/2007 09:48

I've already been LT. It was a full blood test for everything, so I had to have 12 hours without food and drink. It nearly killed me! I got up at 6.30 and didn't get a cup of tea until just after 9. The queues for blood tests are terrible, so I pulled a fast one. I drove to school, via the hospital, grabbed a ticket and then went back after drop off! I was ticket no 45 and they were just seeing 43! Had I got a ticket AFTER drop off, I would have been ticket no 73! I'm rubbish with giving blood too, they eventually found a vein and now the bruise is moving slowly all around my arm!

looneytune · 03/10/2007 10:21

I see....the full MOT eh! Well done on grabbing the ticket though....very funny!!! Hope your arm feels better soon, I sympathise as mine hurts for a while after.

Right....having the last slice of my banana cake and a cuppa if anyone wants to join me (for tea that is as the last slice is MINE....ALL MINE!!!)

For those who were around yesterday and helped me through my horrible situation with parent, can I just have some advice.......LMGs was telling me this morning to give notice, understandably, and made me realise financially it's not as bad as I thought as in January I have new children starting which is extra income. So, IF I gave notice and was unable to fill these 2 spaces 3 days a week, at least in January I'd have 1 child on those 3 days therefore I'd only be about £400 worse off a month than I am now, rather than nearly £900. Although it would mean I wouldn't be getting the extra I've been looking forward to until I fill the spaces. Then mum arrived with toddler and said she'll keep baby at home today and she acted the way she normally does as if nothing happened, she was smiley etc. Soooo, I was thinking of doing a firm bit in my newsletter, firming up the sickness policy and get signed and then see what happens, if it happens again then that's it and I give notice. What do you think? Give it one last chance? Maybe she's realised she could make the same mistake as they did with the au pair????

LoveMyGirls · 03/10/2007 12:13

MML - dd2 turned 2 at the weekend so not sure if she would actually understand she was giving them to santa forver but i guess its worth a try - she has no idea who santa is though so could take me a while to get her to understand perhaps i'll try again soon, she hasnt had it all morning despite whinging for ages before we left the house this morning.

This lady still hasn't phoned me so may not have to deal with the dilema at all but just curious to know what you lot would do in this position, am I right to give notice if a ft offer comes along? It feels a bit disloyal but then again it is a business and I do it to earn money as well as enjoying what i do and taking on a ft'er is £400 a mth more, if i thought the pt was going to stay long term and that the baby would def be coming to me i might be a bit more inclined to stay as i am but there are no garantees and in the meantime i have bills to pay at the end of the day. I hate this side of it!

looneytune · 03/10/2007 12:39

LMGs - can't comment on this ft thing because I personally would never take a 3 hr a day job for the very reason that something better could come along. If I did then I'd have said to start with that I'd only do 3 hrs a day until something better comes along. I've actually said that to someone double pay babies mum! She changed her mind from adhoc to 2 fulls days at double pay, all within about 12 hrs of visiting. Anyway, it's a tough one. I think if you give notice due to a lot more income then fine, you'll feel bad but you have your family to think about BUT think carefully about taking future very small jobs if you need more because you don't want to end up with a reputation of getting rid of people all the time (I know it's a one off.....just trying to make you think more long term ) eating so going to make my lunch now and I think I'll get a HOT cup of tea due to no baby today. Still at mum for not arriving with her this morning!! hehe

mumlove · 03/10/2007 12:45

WOW it's lunchtime and the sun is out (how long for?). We have just finished lunch and are getting shoes on to play in the garden , we have had drizzle for the last 2 days so everything has been wet. Will make myself a coffee.

LMG - wait and see if you get the call first, how much longer before the mum goes on maternity leave?

LoveMyGirls · 03/10/2007 12:51

ML - i have no idea its usually dad who picks up, i pick mindee up from pre school so dont really see mum to ask. Am guessing about spring as she told me in sept and i got the impression she had only just found out herself. Deffo waiting for the call first (plus would do paperwork/ deposit and start date etc) even if it doesnt happen this time i will no doubt have this to deal with at some point so wondered what everyone else does?

LT - There is a few other reasons why i would give notice but wouldnt do it just for those reasons iyswim?

mumlove · 03/10/2007 12:59

LMG - you might even have a phone call about a more permanent child, as the baby is only for a few months. Who knows when the phone will ring?

MaureenMLove · 03/10/2007 13:02

I've really tried to take in both your dilemas LT & LMG, but I think the hospital took too much blood, my brain isn't registering the infomation! I've just made a cake for dd and it was a disaster! Me? - make a bad cake? There I was in the kitchen, thinking, I'll just sling a quick cake together and bung it in the oven and instead of putting 6oz of chocolate in, I put 6oz of plain flour in! I think I need to lay down in a dark room for a while.

LoveMyGirls · 03/10/2007 13:05

At least you get to eat the chocolate, right mo?

MaureenMLove · 03/10/2007 13:09

Sadly not, it was cocco powder! I've decided I'll model with this one and make another for the weekend when the reli's come round.

MaureenMLove · 03/10/2007 13:26

THIS is what makes CM all worth it! A little bit of give and take.
I've just txt a mum to ask that she is aware that on Friday I have to go out as soon as she collects at 5pm, so if she could avoid being any later, I would very much appreciate it. She usually gets here by 5.10, but this Friday, being DD's birthday, we have to get going. She's just text me and said, 'no problem, I'll get mum to come for her at 4pm, so that you can have a little bit of extra time with dd! I love this mum!

looneytune · 03/10/2007 13:29

Oh mo, you sound like you need a lie down. At least try and get some sugar in you!

How nice of that mum, I had the very same thing last week and it was only for my tarot reading lol. I just told mum that I have appointment I have to go to straight after pickup at 6pm. I said I just wanted to warn her in case she wondered why I'm not so chatty and in a rush and she also offered to pickup early. Nice family. Obviously NOT the parents of the 2 sisters!!!

Ghostashoshabuster · 03/10/2007 13:44

I know what you mean Mo, I asked all my parents to be dead on 4.30 today as I have a5.00 (what a silly time for the school to make meetings) with DGD new school tutor tonight, one of the mums dosnt usually pick up till 5.15 so had to ask her to pick up early, any way she is not only picking up straight from school she is taking my other schoolies home for tea with her, under 5's are always picked up by 4.30 at the latest so I have time to tidy myself up for meting.

And Im so proud letter home from DGD school today, praising how well she is doing in school, and how good her English assignment was.

OP posts:
MaureenMLove · 03/10/2007 14:07

Eek! Things are looking up! I've just phoned the Court where I've got jury service for 2 weeks starting 17th Dec and they told me I have struck it really lucky, but she couldn't say any more than that! They are closed on 25th 26th, 27th and 28th Dec to sessions, but building open. So they call me up there and then send me home again! She said, there is a very real possibility that I'll have to sit for a while and then go home, every day!

bloodsuckinglooney · 03/10/2007 18:38

Great Stuff Shosh

Mo - how lucky!

Guess what........mum has just collected older dd and......she said she knew baby wasn't well today as not smiled once all day, bottom lip etc! Went to see her in the car and she looked AWFUL, poor love, but I got a HUGE big smile when she saw us so that warmed my heart. Mum very chatty and smiley and although no apology, I feel much better. would that baby have been on lots of school runs? If she was that ill at home all day!!!!!

So glad I was firm yesterday!!!

MaureenMLove · 03/10/2007 18:51

She is just too mortified and embarrassed to apologise now! Excellent, don't you just want to say 'told you so!'.

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