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Cover for when I go into labout

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notnigella · 02/10/2007 20:20

Hoping for some advice from any professional childcarers out there.
I am expecting dc2 early in the new year - edd varying from 31st dec to 6th jan. unftly don't have any family living locally (near haslemere, surrey) and am trying to find someone to be "on call" to look after my adorable 20 month old while i am in hospital with dc2. ideally i'd also like some part-time help once the baby is born, so would be perfect if i could find one person for both so that ds has some continuity. I have 3 nanny agencies on the case, but none have found anyone and i'm getting anxious.
was even wondering about booking a maternity nurse - not that i want one as intend to bf again, but seems to be the only way to get someone on call over xmas and new year.
any thoughts / ideas?

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frannikin · 02/10/2007 23:58

Maternity nurses can help with breastfeeding - indeed I have done so, and quite enjoy working with mothers who breast-feed as I'm pretty pro breast-feeding.

I would offer to help as I'd be more than happy to do that over university vacations but live a bit far away (unless you were offering live-in!).

I guess the point of this is that you CAN find someone, even if it's a maternity nurse for a couple of weeks. Just be very firm that you want to breast-feed and expect a maternity nurse either with experience of supporting breast-feeding or wiling to support you.

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