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CM Club:No Smoking Signs - this annoys me

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Katymac · 02/10/2007 14:40

Because I employ staff I need to put up an A5 poster saying No Smoking

IF anyone DARED to smoke in my house they would be in SO much trouble - never mind in my playroom

It makes me so cross - it is un-necessary

Rant over

OP posts:
Booh · 02/10/2007 14:42


It makes me totally mad and another thing that Ofsted have gone over the top on again.

hennipenni · 02/10/2007 14:46

We have been told by our network minders that we have to have no smoking sign regardless as too whether we employ staff or not, purely because we run a business so our houses are classed as business premises. Totally wrong, obviously I don't smoke, my DH an family don't smoke, my friends don't smoke, my minees families don't smoke, so why do we need a bl**dy sign? At the end of the day my house is my home.

saltire · 02/10/2007 14:46

My neighbour is a childminder, she had her inspection yesterday and she was told
A) Put up no smoking signs in your hallway and throughout your house.
B) Move all your make up and perfume, deodorant etc into a locked cupboard in your bedroom.

She has refused to do either on the grounds that it is her house and her bedroom! She doesn't mind any under 5s, she has 2 before and after shcool mindees, she has a stairgate on her stairs so they can't go up, so why should she need to put all her make up etc in a locked cupboard.

They sound nutters to me and I'm dreading dealing with them

WindyAnna · 02/10/2007 14:46

It is crazy but it's not OFSTED's fault it is the workplace law - at my office they had to chnage all the no smoking signs cos they were worded incorrectly for the new law?!?! Mad.

saltire · 02/10/2007 14:51

But I think OFSTED are starting to blur the lines a bit. They introduce all these practices which are great for large 9or small) nurseries, childcare centres etc, but some of them don't work in a Childminders home. They are just silly. parents send children to CM's because they want their child looked after within a home environment, and they aren't getting that now, it's mini-nurseries.
IMO anyway

hennipenni · 02/10/2007 14:52

Saltire, try telling ofsted that!

seb1 · 02/10/2007 20:13

Saltire when you were registered in Scotland were the Care Commission as bad as Ofsted seem to be.

saltire · 03/10/2007 10:10

No, the care commission were quite flexible really. The only time there was an issue was when they introduced a law last year that all newly registered CM's, or those who moved house, had to have mains operated smoke detectors. This caused huge problems for people like myself (although I was exempt becasue I wasn't newly reg) who lived in married quarters, as our landlords (DE) wouldn't pay for them to be fitted, but quoted us all £250 ti fit 2 mains operated smoke alarms, on teh condition that we left them behind when we moved.
needless to say it caused huge probs and the CC wouldn't back down. other than that they were really easy going.
I told my inspector up there that I wasn't going to do "planned" activities, as sometimes all the mindees wanted to do was cuddle up and watch a DVD, or stay in and paint, or go to the park, and no way was I forcing them do something just because the CC said I ahd toi have planned activties and stick rigidly to the plan.
She agreed with me.

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