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Do I need to be a registered childminder to do the hours after school ?

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Summerfruitfullofscaryworms · 02/10/2007 10:38

Can I do a pick up at 3.30 and let look after them until 6 ?

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looneytune · 02/10/2007 10:41

After any more than 2 hours in YOUR home means you need to be registered.

Twiglett · 02/10/2007 10:42

unless they're over 8

Summerfruitfullofscaryworms · 02/10/2007 10:43

Thanks looney !!It's a brand new universe for me !!! I'm learning !!!

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Summerfruitfullofscaryworms · 02/10/2007 10:44

thanks twiglet

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Hulababy · 02/10/2007 10:45

Presumably you will be paid for it? If yes and more than 2 hours a day in your own house, and under a certain age (8???) then yes you have to be registered.

Summerfruitfullofscaryworms · 02/10/2007 10:56

Thank you !!! I want to be a childminder but I tought it could be a good practice to start after school hours but I guess it will be more than 2 hours so I better wait to get registered !!

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