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Any CM's also run Rainbow or Brownie packs??

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AskABusyPerson · 01/10/2007 22:29

I am a CM and run both Rainbow and Brownies on a Tuesday eve.

In the past I've said to parents that I can't work past 4.30pm on a Tuesday because of B&R, but a parent, who is also a good friend, cannot guarantee to get home by 4.30pm. Sometimes her dh is home so collects the children (both girls, aged 3 and 5) by 4.30pm but last week he couldn't so (with mum's agreement) I took both girls to Rainbows and the mum collected from the meeting place half-hour into Rainbows. The same will happen tomorrow. The 5 year old is due to join the pack in 4 weeks time so not a major issue there if she is with me as from the time Rainbows starts I would cease to be (and charge to be) her CM and just be her Rainbow leader.

What about the 3yo, are there Ofsted numbers issues do you think? Although the 20 Rainbows are all there without their parents and I have other adult helpers there to ensure the 1:5 ratio for Rainbows is met, I am not their childminder nor do I get any payment for doing Rainbows or Brownies, but am still minding the 3yo (who going by last week will join in the fun and games more than the 5yo!).

Do other Guiding leaders who are CMs have this situation? Should I get the mindees parents to sign some sort of 'disclaimer' or something?

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nannynick · 01/10/2007 23:28

Not sure on this one... Been a long time since I did Cubs/Beavers - so expect things have changed a lot over the years and rules regarding adult:child ratio and who is/isn't covered by group insurance have changed.

I think that Ofsted wise, you would still be minding - though on an outing.
But Rainbow/Brownies wise, the children will need to be included in the adult:child ratio, and you may find that insurance won't cover them - as they are not 'members', and one of their parents is not present.

jura · 02/10/2007 00:02

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Katymac · 02/10/2007 07:38

OK Rainbows would be in your ratio unless you have enough leaders to exclude you

So you can only mind/be responsible for up to 4 rainbows plus your 2 mindees (to make your total 6 'minded')

Can you do that with your helpers and the ratio or not?- I guess you can as the rainbow ratio is 1:5 and a childminders is 1:6 (under 8)

MaureenMLove · 02/10/2007 08:19

I do both, but tbh, I've never had that situation, so never given it much thought. I did have both my next door neighbours kids as Rainbows and mindees, but it was literally finish CMing at 3.30pm when dad picked up, then me as neighbour taking them to Rainbows at 4.30 and becoming Guider!

I think you'd have to do it as CM, as I don't think Rainbows insurance covers a 3 year old does it? Do you have enough leaders to leave you out of the equation for that half hour? That way Rainbows are covered and 3 year old mindee is with you on an outing.

Oh, and if you have enough leaders, can I have one? I struggle along with parent helpers and the odd young leader every week!

AskABusyPerson · 02/10/2007 10:44

Thanks for your replies, will have to give this some thought as not enough leaders to exclude me from ratios - me and my sister run the packs with a parent rota so the ratios are met but no more.

Yes Rainbow insurance is for 5-7 year olds so 3yo not covered. Is a possibility I could ask the mum to use alternative cm for the 3yo, this has happened in the past when I've been unavailable; we live in a small rural village so it's like a family of cms sharing out the children!

OP posts:
frannikin · 02/10/2007 11:28

I have a CM who helps at my Rainbow pack and Guiding "rules" say that a leader/helper can bring their own children as long as the ratios aren't exceeded ie. 1:5 - so the CM, who brings 2 mindees (rainbow + sister,) + me + other helper means we can have 14 rainbows + CM's younger mindee.

Younger mindee is not covered by Guiding insurance but by the CM's, she has parental consent for the younger mindeed to be there. CHQ said it's possible to wear both CM hat and Guider hat at the same time.

Happy Guiding!

frannikin · 02/10/2007 11:32

Idle thought:What is the correct collective term for Rainbows?

If Brownies is a pack and Guides is a Company, what are they? I've always called them a pack....

MaureenMLove · 02/10/2007 12:40

Its a Unit!

frannikin · 02/10/2007 16:20

Well unit is the collective term for any guiding group - you are a unit guider. I wondered whether they had a special name.

16 years in guiding says I should know this....

MaureenMLove · 02/10/2007 19:36

My Promise Certificates say 'ABC is now a member of XYZ Rainbow Unit'.

AskABusyPerson · 03/10/2007 12:38

Thank you Frannikin, that does make sense, I guess I was thinking of it from Ofsted point of view as well... I will get parent to sign a form to cover 3yo. The mum got caught in traffic last night and didn't get back till 7pm which was half way through Brownies! The 3yo was beside herself with tiredness and was sitting on my sister's lap for the last 45 mins!

Hmm...maybe collective term for group of Brownies should be changed to screaming banshees!!! Mine were v loud last night!

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