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Cm Club: Help I need to 'treat' one of my

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Katymac · 01/10/2007 20:06

It's her birthday & she's had some family stress

She doesn't like cakes or sweet stuff

I will do a card with her dc - but I was going to do a cake, but I can't now - so what could I make her (with her dc)?


OP posts:
Ghostashoshabuster · 01/10/2007 20:15

what about lavender put in muslin andn tied with a ribb, to hang under the wtaer while running a bath, we did this one mothers day, and made other bags the hang in wardrobes.

Ghostashoshabuster · 01/10/2007 20:16

ok koard playing up again

Katymac · 01/10/2007 20:30

That's a nice idea - I'll see if I can get the stuff in

Any more ideas?

OP posts:
Ghostashoshabuster · 01/10/2007 20:55

Smelly tea light, baby food jar glue on outside roll in glitter.

A wreath made of tissue floweers with worlds best mum on it.

a bunch of tissue flowers.

Scola handprints painted in bronze,

(can you tell we what we have done the last few mothers days)

Katymac · 01/10/2007 21:05

Ahh now tealight/jar I can do
Tissue flowers I can do


(just a bit worried about the sewing for the other one )

OP posts:
Ghostashoshabuster · 01/10/2007 21:11

SEW SEW you dont sew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK cut out a circle of fine fabric anout 1 inch ffrom rim, cut tint holes, thread ribbon though, put lavender in middle pull ribon tight and tie.

Ghostashoshabuster · 01/10/2007 21:13

Dont use dark dyed pot pourri it stains the bath! oopps

Katymac · 01/10/2007 21:14

Ooooooh that makes sense -

I could do that

OP posts:
Ghostashoshabuster · 01/10/2007 21:25

Katy the only person that sews in our house is DH.

He bought me a sewing machine..............he learned to use it

In fairnes I used to but I have the excusethat my hands get verypainful now, and holding the fabric in place is hard for me.

That is mt excuse and Im sticking to it

chipmonkey · 01/10/2007 22:06

Oh, I wish Katy would be my childminder!

mogs0 · 01/10/2007 22:53

Parents presents this year have been painted mugs. Bought the mugs from Tesco ("paint your own" kits) and got the children to put their handprints on them then wrote "made by...." and the date on the bottom. They've all loved them!! Mugs were on offer last time I went - £2.

Katymac · 02/10/2007 07:26

Mugs - great idea - but LO a bit small

I can be your childminder Chipmonkey, you just need to move - just to clarify it, was it your DC you want me to lok after.....or you?

OP posts:
chipmonkey · 02/10/2007 19:38

Me, definitely!

mogs0 · 02/10/2007 20:32

How old is LO? I've done handprints with 9 month old. It's bit messy but just as effective in "Mum's" eyes!!!!!

SittingBull · 02/10/2007 20:42

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

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