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CM Club - Baby with High I right????

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looneytune · 01/10/2007 16:54


Both sibling mindees have colds atm, baby has been dribbly, had runny nose and awful cough for quite some time. Just got her up from nap and as soon as I gave her a kiss on her forehead, I knew she had a temp as she was BURNING HOT. Took temp and it's 39.9 (102.2) so I've phoned mum and I've given medicine (yes, I'm a bad childminder for trying to make her feel better rather than wait until I have a form signed!!!)

Anyway.....she's ok in herself but very very flushed and off her food. Hopefully the medicine will make her feel better but I'm thinking ahead to tomorrow........unless baby is EXTREMELY bad (and I mean extremely), she'll get dropped off as normal tomorrow unless I say something. I am right about not accepting children with temperatures aren't I? Obviously can't send home now as parents leaving in next 10 mins anyway and will be here by 6.30. If she has a temp tomorrow, should I send home? Presuming yes but we all know what a bloomin softie I am - I need you guys to give me the strength!!!

Thoughts please.....

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dustystar · 01/10/2007 16:58

My policy states that I will look after a child with a mild cold but not one who is clearly feeling unwell, has a temperature or is distressed as they should be at home.

Say to the Mum that you will not be able to have her if she is still feeling so poorly tomorrow.


Ghostashoshabuster · 01/10/2007 16:59

LT tell parents they need to take child to the Doctors and u will NOT under any circumstances take the child until she has been.

I have had to do this before, and asked them to bring you a Drs note saying that she is fit to be in childcare before you take her back.

These parents sound awful why the hell did they have kids.


looneytune · 01/10/2007 17:12

I need to make my policy clearer I think, it doesn't mention temps, just says excluded if needing special care/wanting to sleep all the time.

I'm glad you've all said this as I don't want her coming like this tomorrow, I'd feel awful dragging her on the school runs.

She's on my lap having cuddles and bless her, is trying to be ok but every now and then starts crying in a way that she doesn't know what's wrong, to me she's not feeling well at all She's soooooooo cute and keeps stroking my face and smiling but she looks so full of cold. She's had a couple of runny poos today but tbh, she always poos like that so it's hard to know if a bug is going round or not? She is teething too which makes those sort of nappies!!!

Shosh (with the new name but can't remember ) - I know, I quite often wonder. I was really upset when I first got her up and noticed her like this Parents will still bring tomorrow though unless I say something WHICH I guys will kill me if I let them do it to me AGAIN won't you!!!

Right, other kids should be eating dinner by now but I haven't even started cooking yet!!! Luckily it's only my ds and baby's sibling for dinner so if sibling doesn't finish in time, it's not as bad (and she's off her food anyway!)

OP posts:

looneytune · 01/10/2007 17:13

p.s. shosh - what i was actually meaning to say was baby has already been to dr's for the cough and they just say it's fine. Her Dr is crap imo or she's lying which i don't actually think she is as she's never hiden previous times she's not gone to the dr's when needed

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mumlove · 01/10/2007 18:05

looney - was it last week that the sister was ill, or the week before? Baby may now have what she had.


looneytune · 01/10/2007 18:06


I just told them she can't come tomorrow if still not well. A cold is ok but not if they are really upset with it and have a temp.

Hard to read mum but it looked like she wasn't happy about it and no doubt she'll give medicine in the morning to make sure baby looks ok. BUT....I will send home if not!!! Oh....I bet she says baby has a temp coz they got up earlier today (this is what she said last week when older sis had one )

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looneytune · 01/10/2007 18:08

Funny you should say that, I've just said the same on here about her mum blaming lack of sleep for temp

Seriously usual, I had to say 'who wants baby, mummy or daddy' and they both looked at me and then dad put his arm out. I mean FGS, if it was me I'd be wanting to cuddle them straight away!!!

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looneytune · 02/10/2007 08:35


Be back after school run

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LoveMyGirls · 02/10/2007 08:37

Has baby turned up with a temp? You know waht you have to do, it's not fair on the others and for once they may get the message?


looneytune · 02/10/2007 09:27

Not turned up with temp but you know when they look really poorly don't you. Eyes puffy and glazed, pale, snotty etc. She's been non stop coughing (pretty much) since she arrived. She arrived just as we needed to get in the car, mum said she's given cough medicine this morning and that was it. Her head didn't feel too hot so I just said that I'll call if she's poorly WHICH I WILL. So, atm she's not got a temp but is coughing a LOT and looks really run down. She's not liking the school run like this I'd be very surprised if she doesn't get a temp again.

Right, not had a drink since I got up so off to put the kettle on

OP posts:

looneytune · 02/10/2007 12:11

Quicky as in rush to do arrived at the very time I have to leave for school so was very rushed drop off (usually is thought). Baby looked poorly but didn't feel hot. On first nursery run she coughed lots and wasn't happy with being in and out of car/pram. Played fine at mine (didn't got to group) but then fell asleep just before school run due to being washed out. So unhappy on school run and coughing lots again and been crying at times. Now temp started to climb....she's warm but not burning like yesterday, temp is currently 99.7F (norm is 97F).

What to do???? She's not burning up but she's not well. I do accept with colds but she's really bad when on the school run - nearly pulled over a couple of times as thought she was going to be sick from coughing so much

Advice please

OP posts:

dustystar · 02/10/2007 12:30

Call the parents and ask them to come and get her. If she'd feeling that unwell she should be at home with them regardless of whether she has a temperature


dustystar · 02/10/2007 12:32

When i say i will look after a child with a mild cold its just beacuse children often have a bit of a snotty nose or a cough without really feeling poorly at all - if they feel unwell then they should be at home.


looneytune · 02/10/2007 12:50

Thanks, this is the thing. Anyway.......after reading what you said, I emailed mum straight away, was firm and explained why and I just said 'she needs collecting, please tell me who will be coming and when to expect them


OP posts:

dustystar · 02/10/2007 12:56

Good for you


PinkChick · 02/10/2007 13:00

thing is an email can be ignored!, hope she thinks of her child first and not herself as usual..poor little thing


dustystar · 02/10/2007 13:04

pinkchick has a good point - can you not ring her?


looneytune · 02/10/2007 13:23

I'm shaking so bear with me. She's always hot on email and I have read receipts come through and I was going to phone if she didn't reply straight away but she did. Started off saying in email 'I'll see what I can do' and has just phoned and had it out with me.

Feel too sick to type too much but basically:

'I'm not having much luck, what do you want me to do?'

'well someone needs to collect'


'i'm not being funny, all babies get like this'

and then the rest was her just having a go about me daring to send home and she was like 'what's the problem exactly'

I said the poor thing needs to be tucked up in bed, she's been getting in a terrible state about being put in car seat/pram etc. and she made it clear she wasn't happy, said what's she suppose to do, hard to get out of work etc. and I ended up having it out with her

I said I have to stick to policy now, if I keep the baby then another family complains to me, I can't win. I said it's not fair on others and she can try and find another childminder who'll not send home when poorly and I'd be surprised if she could find someone. I said that nursery would send home for much less than this and she said........'that's why I won't use a nursery!'

Sorry if makes no sense, I got off the phone and burst into tears for how she was with me - first fall out with a parent

OP posts:

LilBloodRedWantsGore · 02/10/2007 13:27

Am not a CM but totally sympathise with you! This woman does not deserve children


LilBloodRedWantsGore · 02/10/2007 13:28

And you sound like a lovely CM!


COUNTPinkChickULA · 02/10/2007 13:32

is she coming looney?, you wern't harsh by any means, harsh would have been saying "get your arse here NOW you neglectful, inconsiderate excuse of a parent"..horrible horrible woman, just glad LO has you through day as shed be no good..YAK as dd would say


dustystar · 02/10/2007 13:32

oh loony what a cow
So basically she expects you do look after her sick baby knowing that a nursery wouldn't - just goes to show how much respect she has for you as a professional child carer. Its horrible when things get confrontational like this but you are in the right so don't let her bully you - its her responsibility to sort something out if her baby is ill not yours.

If you want I'll dig out my policy that i redid recently in honour of OFSTED - I get parents to sign it now to show they accept my policy


COUNTPinkChickULA · 02/10/2007 13:34

play her on the guilty note(prob wont work with her!) say this little baby needs her mum, shes full of cold, you cant give her one to one attention as she well knows as you have more children, who in turn could also get sick, smae as you could, meaning you would have to stop everyone from coming, this baby needs her mummy/daddy not being pushed from pillar to post in and out of cars, getting hot/cold/hot/cold..arrrggghhhh horrible woman


looneytune · 02/10/2007 13:40

Thanks everyone, I thought I was fine then the tears started again. I'm so hurt but most of all, so upset for this poor baby who clearly isn't that important to her mum

Countpink - I did tell mum that she was screaming in and out of car seat/pram etc, I said she just wants to sleep, hasn't eaten a thing today etc etc and said she needs to be at home with her mum. She had no emotion and still felt the same 'ALL babies get like this'. Yes, all children get SICK from time to time......this is when they fucking go home!!!!

Sorry....just so upset about this. Part of me just wants to give notice as I've had enough!!!

OP posts:

looneytune · 02/10/2007 13:41

Oh....sorry.....she bullied me into agreeing to a 4.30pm pick up. Made it sound like a good deal as I won't need to feed her older dd as she'll take them both home together. HOW FUCKING kind of you....!!!

Sorry, this is not like me but when someone pushes me too far, I do get quite angry!!!

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