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Renault Scenic.3 car seats for 9mths to 11yrs.Any advice?

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mum2oliver · 29/09/2007 20:48

I need 3 car seats that will fit safely across the back ofa scenic without them being too close and fitting safely.I know I am best to go somewere that can fit them but just wondering if anyone knows on here now?

OP posts:
S88AHG · 29/09/2007 21:31

If they are individual seats in the back of the car which I think they are then you should be ok you may have to get something narrow like a britax freeway for the middle to give you some hand room but it should be ok. Goto Mothercare or Halfords to get them to try for you, but dont buy from there try Kiddicare or Boots online for discounted seats

harleyd · 29/09/2007 21:33

go to mothercare, they sold me 3 booster seats for my scenic. cant remember which and have changed car & seats now

mum2oliver · 29/09/2007 21:40

is there another that you think is s narrow as the freeway as just gone on britax and says its discontinued!!
They def have to be narrow as have a highliner and it doenst fit next to the britax 1st class si.x

OP posts:
fihi · 29/09/2007 21:50

we've got a britax eclipse, they still do them tho ours is, er, six years old (DS1 had it - now on third occupant and faring very well) and we have 4&7 yr olds on graco rally sport high-back booster seats. If u put baby seat in middle -tho there are obviously pros and cons to this, they fit's being that my DS's can't reach each other to fight, but big con is getting LO into the middle seat without doing oneself an injury. I don't have nice polished fingernails any more because of the seat-belt fastening, but with three kids i didn't stand a chance anyway.i pull the boys' booster seats out slightly whilst fastening belts and have got them both to do their own. hmm, independence skills.

mum2oliver · 29/09/2007 21:55

Does anyone think that 3 evolva 123 seats would fit?

OP posts:
NannyL · 29/09/2007 22:00

ok i have a renault clio

In the back of mine i can fit:
Britax Highliner (group 2)
Britax Horizon (group 3) and
Britax Renaissance (group 1)

if i can fit them in my clio, im sure you will eb able to fit them in a scenic

S88AHG · 29/09/2007 23:16

Can still get freeway toys r us have it and fisher price are now doing it cant remember what they are calling it but its in Argos x

SunnyJaamy · 29/09/2007 23:59

mum2oliver - I have a scenic and a Britax Evolva and Renaisance. The Evolva is quite a wide seat so not sure whether you could fit 3 of them in. Will have a look in the morning (when it's not pitch black and freezing outside) and let you know!

mum2oliver · 30/09/2007 08:16

thanku sunnyjammy.Thats great.I just cant bare it if cannot click the seat belt in without really damaging myself.Too painful!!

OP posts:
NAB3 · 30/09/2007 14:09

We have 2 maxi cosi rodis and a recarro young sport along the back. There isn't a lot of room for fastening the belts but all 3 children are safe.

mum2oliver · 30/09/2007 14:10

fihi the seat belt doesnt fit the baby seat in the middle on my car.
I need the car seats to be suitable for 9months to 11 yrs so couldnt just use booster seats,x

OP posts:
NAB3 · 30/09/2007 14:17

We have had a different combination of 3 seats across the back when our children were 4, nearly 2 and newborn and had no trouble getting them in.

LIZS · 30/09/2007 14:19

Freeway is Fisher Price Safe Voyage but babies r us still have the Britax one.

mum2oliver · 30/09/2007 20:02

nab3 do you have a scenic?
Where did you get the maxi cosi's?x

OP posts:
NAB3 · 30/09/2007 20:03

we have a grand scenic and we got all our car seats from halfords

mum2oliver · 30/09/2007 20:29

Is a grand scenic much bigger than a normal scenic?
Is it wider?

OP posts:
mum2oliver · 30/09/2007 20:50

I have a britax 1st class which Iv just discovered I could put in the middleseat and then any suggestions of what may fit on the outer seats which could be for 9months to 11 yrs or 6yrs???

OP posts:
ayla99 · 30/09/2007 22:28

Britax Freeway 398 in stock! And if you're anywhere near Peterborough you can take your car & have them check the fit of the various seats together before you buy.

ayla99 · 30/09/2007 22:32

Sorry, thats not a suggestion to which to put beside the first class as I've no idea on that, but I saw your post that Britax have discontinued the freeway

NAB3 · 01/10/2007 11:06

I don't think the grand scenic is much wider, if at all, than the regular one but you get 7 seats as opposed to 5. Plus if you don't use the seats in the boot you have a good amount of boot space.

SunnyJaamy · 01/10/2007 22:48

Hello again! Sorry I disappeared, mum has been ill.

Just been out to car (it's a Grand Scenic but think the same width as a Scenic) and looking at my existing evolva don't think you could get 3 side by side. But they are quite a wide seat, I'm sure there'll be some alternative.

Definitely think you should just go to a mothercare/Halfords and say you need 3 seats for your car can someone please take a look. Don't buy them there and then because "Someone is buying them for an early christmas present and you need to advise them which ones to get". Then tootle off to t'internet and find out who does them cheapest. Expensive old things, carseats.

Hope you don't mind me asking, mum2oliver why do you need 3 all at once? Have you got triplets?

SunnyJaamy · 01/10/2007 22:49

D'oh, just noticed, you're a CM! Sorry.

Good luck with the seats.

butterflymum · 01/10/2007 23:11

We got these recently. They have a surprisingly slim base width on them, as well as overall body width, so may be suitable. They seemed to do quite well on Which report for safety etc. too.

mum2oliver · 03/10/2007 23:42

butterfly mum,need 9mths to11yrs.Thank you anyway.x

OP posts:
mum2oliver · 03/10/2007 23:43

Thank you very much sunny jaamy.x

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