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CM Club: Stuff we do when we don't childmind

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Katymac · 27/09/2007 20:25

Another thread has made me think what else do we do; when I am not minding I do

Accounts Invoices*Training - evenings and weekends (not during the week or the parents would loose care)maybe 15 saturdays a year plus 10-18 evening
*Planning (b23 or foundation stage)
*Talking to parents (8.30 sat evening, 8.15 sun morning)
*Clean up (after the children)
*Clean the toys (milton the baby toys, freeze the soft toys)
*Clean the outside toys (8/10 times a year)
*Shop (ordinary stuff like food, complicated stuff - stationery/craft/bulk stuff/toys actually gets done on a Tuesday after 6pm (when I close) dd is with a friend then goes to Guides and I have 2.5 hrs before I have to pick her up)
*Gardening (well actually making sure it's safe)
*Networking with other childmindwers to keep me sane (that'll be you lot then)

Any more?

OP posts:
mumlove · 27/09/2007 20:28

Having 5 mins to yourself (and I do only means 5 mins).
Spending time with your own family.
Reading mumsnet.

ThePrisoner · 27/09/2007 20:39

I obviously don't understand the question ... stuff we do when we don't childmind? Does that mean some childminders don't devote their every waking hour to the job?? Do some childminders have some free time ... oh, silly me, it's when I sleep ... zzzzzzzzzzzz

tori32 · 27/09/2007 20:51

Katymac, I presume you mean when not minding but still working.
Put all toys away.
Clean up.
Washing toys, bedding, surfaces, dishes.
Get organised for the following day i.e. get equipment together and re stock bag to go and basket of equipment for changing etc.
Plan following days meal.

Katymac · 27/09/2007 21:00

That's it really

What parents should contribute to (IYSWIM) - not pay for, but acknowledge & be (a bit) grateful for - Gosh that sounds very negative and graspiong doesn't - but I think it should be noted (maybe?)

OP posts:
Mum2Luke · 27/09/2007 21:22

I take my 5 yr old swimming in the week (with minded child) and to football training as well as the normal planning, family washing, cleaning etc.

I do my training in the evenings, us cms try to book ourselves on the same nights and then go for a quick drink to wind down.

I go out with a cm friend on a friday night, our rule is that we don't discuss cming, we chill out and enjoy ourselves!

Do any of you lot go out together sometimes or do you live in different parts of the country?

nannynick · 28/09/2007 06:41

Marketing (designing your website, creating local adverts, responding to enquiries, updating your portfolio/brochure etc.)
Supporting others (parents and childminders - eg. responding to queries on mumsnet)

Shoshable · 28/09/2007 06:41

As working time, but not actually Childminding, pretty much the same as Katy.

Off duty time? Generally duvet surfing on the sofa

KaySamuels · 28/09/2007 08:07

Think you've all covered it all there.

I also have NVQ work to do - I do get on with it now and again honest!

mogs0 · 28/09/2007 18:26

How come you do so much training? Is it through choice or compulsory?

Katymac · 28/09/2007 18:52

Well some is compulsory (food hygiene, first aid)
Some is network (SN, Tinytalk)
Some is professional development (NVQ)

OP posts:
dmo · 29/09/2007 15:21

i'm on a training course at least every week sometimes its after work 6.30pm -9.30pm and some weeks its on saturdays
i'm curretly doing my Kitemark which involves courses
then i'm on a network which involves meeting
i'm also a support childminder which involves training or meeting new childminders
also now i'm learing polish (as i have two polish children coming to me)
its all go!

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