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Calling all childminders

3 replies

denmoll · 21/09/2007 17:52

Hi there, just a quickie please. I'm about to take on my first mindee job as a registered childminder - nothing particuarly taxing just a morning school run two days a week for sisters who are about to have a birthday (before I start the school run). Just thought Id like to send a birthday card - I'm quite friendly like that - but wondering whether it is prudent to send a small present - be it only, say, something like colouring pencils with their names on. What do you think?

OP posts:

ju · 21/09/2007 17:56

A small pressie would be lovely

Come and join us in the Staff Room if you've not been in yet. Virtual croissants today !


Katymac · 21/09/2007 18:19

Don't spend too much & put the receipt through your books


lololola · 21/09/2007 18:40

hi denmoll, thats a lovely idea. i put ballons on the frount door for birthdays, the kids love it. also, we have a small birthday cake after tea. i never buy presents mind you (but do give a card)

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